Team size increased!

The Mazebert team size was significantly increased this weekend. A big thank you to all voluntary helpers! jhoijhoi, syotos and ManuWins will moderate the forums from now on. Chances are high, that my programming will speed up again :-) Also, there are new volunteers for testing release candidates: Welcome Sarore and Dragoneses. Plus: Finally, there is a team site! All helpers and contributors are listed there. Please hit me if I've forgotten someone!

Well-intentioned, can not wait for the new map update.

Me too! Good to see you around! Can you tell me how you achieved 200k seconds bonus round survival in 0.9.3? Is there another a balancing issue I'm not aware of? Cheers!

i would like to know that, too :D i "only " achieved 1500secs... and i have no idea what i could do different...