The Black Market

[caption id="attachment_5536" align="alignleft" width="169"]A new button next to the forge, it's inactive... A new button next to the forge, it's inactive...[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5538" align="alignleft" width="169"]... but every weekend it is activated... ... but every weekend it is activated...[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5537" align="alignleft" width="169"]... and you can visit the black market. ... and you can visit the black market.[/caption]

How it will work

For 50 relics you can buy a random golden card every weekend. Not a good price you will say... But: The chance is exactly the same for every card, be it common or legendary. And the card is the same for every player at this weekend. For instance, if you invest 50 relics and get Seelenreisser from the black market, you might tell your friend, cause he will get the very same card this weekend! Or you might not tell him, it's up to you ;-) What do you think, will you give the black market a visit from time to time?

So, once a week, one person will take the chance, then post it on the boards to let everyone else know what it is? Is that what I am reading?

What about upping the price (250? 500?) and making it a guaranteed RANDOM Legendary or higher pull?

I'm not sure how to make such a thing work properly. But i agree, that in the end one will try and post it... Can we let it be "random" for every player but with tips like "I've got a rare sword for sale" or however to put it. (One of the Sword: Seelenreißer, Excalibur, that Dark Forge sword) "Here we got a nice ring, seems to be part of a set" (Ying or Yang) "A rare species what we've got here... i wonder what kind of demonic powers it posses" (well... should be obvious) and then a few statements for each item. guess there would be a list made then... But well...

I think so. It's kind of experimental. Want to see how the community will deal with it, if they create some place to share the weekend card with each other, if someone will fake it, etc.. Might add some social drive to it ;-)

I like this idea! It could be a guaranteed random unique or legendary? Not sure about the price but 250 sounds good to me. Would be 12,5 times trading in the regular forge. And I would still make it the same card for every player on one weekend :-)

Cool idea with the riddle :-) But I'd really like to make it the same card for every player on one weekend. What do you think about DJNanashi's suggestion?

Pretty acceptable in my opinion, it would increase the sense of community we have here in the forum.

The price seems right. But in the end, everybody who still needs "Seelenreißer" or anything like that, will just save that. 250 is not that much. And as soon as someone posts it public... Dont like the Idea of a weeken and then everybody got a certain card. Would be like a "Monster Master" or so, which will spawn a certain unit type for the first 5 waves on the next game. As soon as there is an "Mass, Vex, Wisdom, Rich" combo everybody would do it... What is special about Mazebert is the "randomness" of each game, of each action. But in the end, i dont have to use it/look it up so well... But since you asked, i would vote for a random card/riddles to indicate card and not the same card for everybody. And well a certain time when he is available. Like from 9PM to 3 AM or such. I think 9PM isnt too late for the younger ones. Or randomize the time he is available... With him always available (or even in a certain time) people will get the Cards too fast. Well the strong ones. It took me what... 8-10 Weeks or whatever to get Seelenreißer doing the daily Quest everytime and beeing able to buy it straight away for 250 in my opinion... meh. If one got that luck or a few fine but everybody who reads the forum?

Is the black market broken? Really spoilled the game for me. Played for 4 weeks. Farmed like crazy everyday on dailies and with only 2 legendary items i rolled 3 mjoelnir once each week? What is this? Totally killed the game if this is unresolved.

There are only 3 black market items at the moment and every weekend one is chosen at random. So it is very likely to have the same item in a row. (like with mjoelnir recently)