The Black Market II

Thanks for all your feedback about the black market! The first draft of it was really lacking a few things, plus it somehow made the regular card forge obsolete. So here is my second attempt!
  • It still opens every weekend
  • The price is increased to 300 relics
  • Weekend drop is random but the same for all players
  • You get a guaranteed special legendary item card
  • Those special legendaries can only obtained by the black market, not by the forge
Let me know what you think! [caption id="attachment_5564" align="alignleft" width="200"]You get special..You get special..[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5565" align="alignleft" width="200"]..legendary cards! ..legendary cards![/caption] [caption id="attachment_5563" align="alignleft" width="200"]The costs are increased... The costs are increased..[/caption]

Well im not convinced about the mechanics of the black marked ;) But cant have it all i guess :-P But these 2 items look great. Nice touch that the skull is an Dark Forge item. But i wonder about the Synergy with the Blood demon. Guess another 10% for the bonus time count with it =)

What do you think about the price for a black market card?

In my opinion, 300 relics is too much: Doing all daily quests of a week rewards you with 280-420 relics, or 350 on average (assuming 40 relic quests are as likely as 60 relic ones). That means, to regularily use this new feature, i would need to do at least 6 quests per week and then i'd still not be able to gamble for all those other cards i'm still missing... My suggestion: Lower the price to 100 relics and make it a requirement to do at least 5 daily quests within the last 7 days to allow a black market purchase. Or alternatively, keep the price at 300 and let every quest you complete within the last 7 days reduce that price by 40 (up to a maximum of 5 quests). Like this, active players would be able to make a black market purchase and gamble for some new cards in the same week without the black market becoming too cheap. :)

Well you can have 7 Quests/Week. The best Questreward is i think 60 right? So you can get 420/Week with perfect Quests. 280 with the 40Relics quests... The price seems reasonable. You cant always afford it if you run broke on your last shopping tour.