The Four Horsemen

In the Halloween release, you must fight the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. [video width="320" height="480" mp4="https://mazebert.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/horseman2.mp4"][/video]

What will change?

Every 50th round one of the Four Horsemen will appear. He is a bit stronger than a boss, but weaker than a challenge. In terms of loot, he has 2 guaranteed drops and increased dropchance. Max drops are 5, max item level is current round + 3. So in round 200 you must fight the last horseman! Thanks to Uli for the great idea with the Four Horsemen at this point. Finally he got his epic boss fight at round 200, that was one point he told me I should implement since relase 0.1.0 :-) What do you think about the concept?

First of all, really nice game, good job! Concept of the Horseman sounds epic! A few suggestions for you though: A lot of times during the game I would have loved to have a "stop attacking" feature, to stop some towers from leeching experience from my main towers. Maybe that is something you could consider? Even though I could totally understand that it might have a large impact on balance, so it might not be a good idea. Balance wise: You might look into the synergy of Ganesha and Key of Wisdom. I lucked out in one of the rounds with 2 early Keys and a Ganesha, and things snowballed from there. It's pretty easy to max out Ganesha then, which nets a huge bonus in experience gain if you manage to get it quite early. (Place low-cost towers, wait until they reach level 3-5 or something, and sell them again) Also, I think Scientists are a little bit too weak. Maybe I haven't unlocked their full potential though. Looking forward to the new updates!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The stop attacking is an interesting idea. Maybe this could be solved with an item that dramatically reduces the attack speed of the yielding tower. It's quite an interesting concept, because if you overdo it, you will leak. What do you think, would this be a solution for your idea? Yes, the Ganesha + keys is quite heavy in the current release. I nerfed the keys quite a bit for the upcoming release, but I played a game and still: Four of those on Ganesha is still pretty strong. I didn't nerf it any further, so that they have some benefit on other towers than Ganesha as well. One idea from Nillos was to make the keys unique. Let's see how the nerfed version works out in the next release first... Do you mean too weak in terms of damage or in terms of the experience bonus they get during attacks? With some schoolbooks/magic mushroom/seven leagues boots they are quite decent. But I didn't manage to level one of them much higher than lvl 30 before I replaced it with something more epic :-)

I like the idea with the attackspeed reducing item! It should be available in the early-game though, as late-game your carry-tower(s) will do most of the kills anyway ;-) Oh, nice. I think it should be fine then. If you are lucky enough to get a lot of Keys early, it should have a pretty big impact. You could also try making them "semi-unique" (limit them to 2 per game or something), should they still be too strong. I don't know, but I just find them kind of awkward to use. I don't want to put them in my carry-tower spot, as they are too weak to carry earlygame. mid to lategame I don't really need another tower with a lot of experience. Maybe I'm just using them wrong though! They seem kind of hard to balance though, because they scale really well with attack speed and additional experience bonuses.

Dont buff scientists, the rock like they are. I use 3-5 in every single game. Nerfed keys should be doing well, but i dont think making them unique would be a good idea. Maybe set the item lvl a bit higher, if they need further nerfe.

Hey guys, sorry for late reply, but there was quite some trouble the last days getting the upcoming halloween release ready. Good balancing advice Vasuhn, as always. Really looking forward to your creation after the ladder completes :-) @Thomadin: Please, have a look at this item: http://mazebert.com/?attachment_id=820 What do you think? I guess this should do the trick! PS: I just really needed a pumpkin item for halloween!