The future of Mazebert TD

I'm happy to announce the next big content update for Mazebert TD. Mazebert TD - Dawn of Light will be released 12/2019. As I'm going to focus on Dawn of Light, there will be only maintenance and bugfix releases until then and no balancing adjustments.

Light deck

As counterpart of Darkness, the light deck will enter the game! There will be about 13 brand new tower cards to play with. Most of them will be ideas of you, the community. So if you have tower ideas, you are very welcome to share them in the forum or in the official discord. I will soon start polls so you can vote for which towers should be implemented.


Dawn of Light will start the first Mazebert season. You will be able to choose to play either standard or season. In a season all players start from scratch - no experience, no golden cards. All the new content will be available in season mode only. When the season ends your collected experience and cards will be merged back into standard. There will also be some cosmetic rewards for participating in the season.

Faster bonus rounds

Playing in the bonus round will be shortened. After surviving 5000 seconds you will face an ultimate final boss encounter. The damage you're dealing to this boss will be converted into further bonus round seconds and wizard experience. This way bonus rounds should be a lot faster and your phones can finally get some sleep. Thanks SnoreFox for the idea!

Sounds great.

Nice. Love that this game is moving forward.

This update will bring the game to next tier, can't wait for it!! (o^^)o

It’s nice to hear that you have plans for the game. But I have some doubts about the new bonus round final boss. It will shift focus on single target dmg while bonus round is more about multi target dmg at the moment. Also how are time warp abilities going to work with him and what about stun lock? Also which armor type will it have? If it has a normal type some towers will be better than others. If it has the special type shadow and stonecutter temple will be useless. While they are very good for endgame now.

Bonus round bosses should have more resistance to crowd control, maybe 50-80%. For example, normal creeps are stunned for 0.8s (beavers attack), special bosses should be stunned for 0.4s-0.16s Or keeping the CC duration and reduce the chance of CC. E.g. Beavers have 10% chance to stun normal creeps but only 5% or 2% to stun special bosses

Hi, i am so glad that you are still working on this game. I play it from the beginning with a loong break, but started now again. I Like the way the game is going. But i, too, have doubts on the bonus round. And i agree to the former suggestions. Plus this boss shouldnt be stun-/freezeable. Maybe to a max freeze down to 5% or something.. Maybe dimishing return?

I'm currently evaluating the option that bonus round creeps will keep spawning while the final boss is slowly moving towards your base. That way you'd need both aoe clear speed and single target damage for the final boss. And yeah, the final boss should be very, if not totally stun and warp immune. @Kami good point about the armor type, haven't thought about that yet. But you are right of course! Maybe rotating armor type every second?

To be fair amor should be 100% for any type I think And is the light damage type neutral? It will be fine my opnion boss should be very fast when it gets to the end point discount life 10% and come back to the start point till die while creeps keep comming So life pont and slow, especially elvis are meaningful short range towers and splash too. And not to give too much power for 3withered set

I mean if that boss has fal, vex, ber or zod (challenge) armor. I thought cycling that every second would be fair for all players, regardless of their strategy / tower setup. Interesting idea, I haven't considered player life in the equation yet. Thanks!

"All the new content will be available in season mode only. When the season ends your collected experience and cards will be merged back into standard." How long will a season be? And the down-time between seasons? "After surviving 5000 seconds you will face an ultimate final boss encounter." Will this be similar to other TDs where when the boss has a certain amount of health and runs through the maze over and over until it dies or until the player runs out of health (thus a better "average" of the damage dealt over time), or does it only run through once with unlimited health (ie, damage test), so you only count that amount of damage?

The season will last until the next season starts. When I look at my current development speed, that's probably going to be one year ^^ Not sure about the boss mechanics yet. Will need to try out a few variations and see what works best. What I'm quite sure about already is that the boss will be immortal and the damage dealt will be converted into bonus round seconds. But I need to find a way to account for remaining player health too. TheMarine has suggested an interesting solution for this.

I want A TOWER that can be customized "u can put Gatlin Gun, homing missiles and spinning blades if enemy is nearby or a tower that launch small jetplanes that follows enemy or tower that throws landmine or Poison or ice flame thunder in one tower. And some sticky jellyace that make slows down enemy when they pass through or a sticky time bomb or a charge tower that gives high damage. And an aura tower or a combo element tower That can make this Game Unique and Great! Plss plsss add more I'm addicted to this game

Cool i love this games unique design and style i have played many tds and this is one of the few i wont delete thoe i did lose progrees due 2 a phone malfunction nice 2 see u update


???????? ??????? ???? ?????????? Please russian text game

@000 I'm sorry! But having only one language helps me to create new content faster. I've written some more details about it here.

Great job! And.If it's convenient for you to to add some support to the game for localization work,such as throwing most of those text into an xml or something like that,it would be better! I'm interested in doing some Chinese support But I don't know how to work.