The Necronomicon

Just a quick teaser for next season! I'm shopping on the dev-server Black Market :-) Overall, season content is almost complete. I'm currently playing tons of games to test all the new stuff. Want to surprise you, so there's gonna be no beta this time.

Really looking forward to this! Just found the game and honestly it's the best game I've ever played, reminds me of the good old TD days!

Aww, thanks! I'm very excited, too!

Shit yeah !!! Hope there's an Ash tower. . .lol

Super hyped for the update! Thank you for all your hard work Andy 😁

@Andy damn man release it already..... the wait is killing us.... i mean I'm really excited to see this new season. btw I wanted to ask if there is any sandbox app available which I could use to just test out scenarios. like some private server type apps which has no connection with main ladder. I hope you get what I'm saying.

Also can you tease the new hoodies and t-shirts that you'll be releasing with supporter pack.

Heya! Progress looks pretty good so far, I think everything should be ready on the 10th. I'm afraid there is no sandbox in the new version :-( And there'll soon be a post about the new hoodies and shirts. This time there'll also be a pure digital pack that can be bought in the app.

@Andy no not in new version. I'm saying do you have any standalone app that we can use to just experiments. like mod or trainer or somewhere we can play with like infinite money or hack type... everything offline and separate from the ladder. Like a cheat version type. I don't know how to explain this lol. Sorry

Ah, got ya! No such a version does not exist. It would need to be a special build that works this way. Otherwise the the game would dsync itself by 'cheating'. :-D

@CBS Sama here they are: https://mazebert.com/supporters/rise-of-cthulhu-supporter-pack/