The Ripper

Finally coded The Ripper this weekend, let me know what you think! the-ripper-card the-ripper-in-game

Hello Andy and folks! Giving my five cents once again =) #1 Dont like the unliminted stacking ability (neither on shadow nor Seelenrei├čer) or even Balu though Balu isnt that OP. #2 The range of 1 quite kills the tower for the long games. Quite feels like no one uses the low range towers to carry. Neither Widow nor Wolves. Dont think this one will turn out differently especially if you think about that fact, that Abyss gives about the same buff to every Darkness Tower :/ even though it doesnt stack as much as Jack here. #3 So i do like the generell Tower idea and the thought behind it but i think it will not be used much due to the range and of course the fact, that Holgar costs 600g less (so earlier available) and scarface even 700g less... #4 But in the end ;) it all comes down to the testrun.

Oh and i hope you guys dont see me as "just an crybaby" with my complaining half the time ^^' Just giving critics and my opinion, because only if the community gives feedback and starts discussing such an game can really advance and i always got the balance in my mind and unlimited stacking abilitys just unbalance games over time ^^' Cheers!

I dont know, I think with a bit of effort this could be used in an interesting way

I think the range of 1 will balance it out for normal games. Bonus rounds however this thing might kill. I could see using my carry until late game, switching out to the ripper. Time will tell though. I am looking forward to trying it out.

Well even in Bonusrounds the Range of 1 will be a huge handicap for him. Alle the Main-Carrys are pretty long ranged (Shadow, Scarface and even Balu if you consider his Splash). And the whole point in his ability is to let it stack as early as you can, isnt it?

I think it is highly undertuned tbh. 0.01% increase versus the 1% increase from the seelenreisser. Also compared to the shadow, no one will run this as a carry if they are playing for max survival. Also, I think in the spirit of the card, the speed increase should apply on first hit. Isn't the ripper satisfied with a kill? It should be the failure of killing a mob that sets him in a rage.

Well with his low increase you have to keep in mind: #1 Its a Darkness Tower, so it benefits from Abyss #2 He doesnt have to kill anything. He just has to crit and how fast do you have a decent CC? #3 Synergie with shadow. Shadow is the wavekiller and he will be the boss kill. With his insanely huge Critdmg and Dmg bonus he is marked as the bosskiller. Still the range is quite the downside to him. But if you let him and Shadow run a bit with low dmg and fast hits they will get incredible strong. I mean he doesnt have to KILL (like Seelenrei├čer) to gain bonus. How many crits can you get on a boss?

As Ontrose said, 0.01% per crit could be pretty, pretty bad-ass. For the speed bonus, I thought him to enjoy slaughtering easy creeps like mass / normal, while having speed problems with bosses (at least at the beginning). Sounds solid to me, that this kind of guy enjoys to kill easy targets while shies away from bigger enemies...

Sure it could, as long as the MS reaver can be used similarly to the shadow. On top of that the range as Ontrose points points out is very limiting. From what I've gathered 0.1 is the max speed of a tower. With a range of 1 that gives a way too short time period to accrue significant stacks. MS+acolyte end game, will even with the nerf, be more powerful.