Tower related quests!

This is an experimental feature for the upcoming version. If this feels good, I will add quests of this kind for other towers, too! tower_quests_unique

I feel like you forgot Abyss king anyway i love this

Hooray! More quests was one of the things I think we were all asking for, and this seems like something that should help add immense replayability.

Now if we can get quests every time we finish so I can grind for my seelriser.....

I started with one unique tower of every element. I wanted to see if this is a good addition, before adding more towers. But if the feedback is positive, I will in the next release!

But this would somehow contradict the purpose of daily quests would it? It looks like the RNG in the card forge is pretty frustrating for some players. https://mazebert.com/forums/topic/rng-is-frastuating-at-this-moment/ I'm very happy for ideas to improve the situation! :-)