Training Hologram - submit your uncommon light tower idea now!

I've finished the first uncommon card for the light deck, the Training Hologram. Thanks sweisdapro for this great idea! I liked it so much, that I wanted to have it in this release no matter what. Sorry for that I didn't put it on a vote. That being said, there will be two more uncommon towers in the upcoming light deck!

Your idea counts!

If you have an idea for an uncommon light tower, now is the time to share it. All submissions until August 17th will be considered.


  • Uncommon towers should be not too complicated. Ideally they have only one ability and are easy to understand.
  • Start a new thread in Card ideas for every tower idea, so we can have focused discussions
  • Make sure all required information is available. Here is a reference submission.
I'm looking forward to your idea!

The training hologram

This tower brings a novel mechanism to the game. At the end of every round it generates a hologram of one of the completed round's creeps. The hologram has only 1 hitpoint and can be attacked by surrounding towers. Experience is rewarded not only to the tower that makes the kill, but also to the Training Hologram, that summoned the creep. How do you like it? Would you build this tower in your game? I'm looking forward to your feedback!

Will love this update

I really like it! Does it work in the bonus round, too?

Yes, also works in the bonus round!