Uncommon darkness towers vote

We need 7 more darkness towers

Three of them, the Acolyte of Greed, Novice Wizard and Small Spider are already known (see previous post). But who will be the others? Your vote counts! darkness-teaser We continue with uncommon towers today (2 needed). These are the towers you can vote for:

Flesh Reaver

Range 3 Starting Speed 2 Uncommon Price 300 Attack 10-18 Activated Ability Lose 10% of your health, Flesh Reaver permanently gains 25% Attack Speed, 25% Damage, 25% Critical Damage.

Black Priest

Uncommon damage:15-25 range: global attack speed:3 male Abilities: Resolve- when attacking a creep it places a curse. If it dies within 4 sec the curse causes it to explode 1.5sec after it dies dealing the 50%(+.5% per tower level) of the priest’s damage (10% crit chance +0.1% per tower level). Creeps passing through the corpse gets its armor reduced by 7% and takes 4% additional damage. Each corpse last for 7seconds after it dies. Armor and dmg amplification stacks as to how many corpse it passes through and the debuff last for 5seconds. Passing through a corpse refreshes the debuff. *the skill’s Crit chance is not affected by luck and items nor of the tower’s crit chance. But affected by crit damage.


For the glory of darkness of course! Damage:15-20 Range:1 Speed:3s Unholy chant All darkness towers gains 0.1 exp and -0.1 atk damage +0.02 per level on both effects

Enchanted Wardrum

A wardrum enchanted with a life of its own. Dmg:15-20 Range:2 Speed:2.5 Boister: the sounds of this wardrum brings encouragement to all those who hears it. Gives 10% crit chance (+0.2% per tower level) and 10% luck (+0.2% per tower level) to towers within its range.


Blue Gem 380 gold 2s 15-27 dmg 2 range Creeps hit by the Succubus have a 10% (+0.1%/level) chance of being slowed and having their armor reduced by 10 (+1/level) while they are in the range of the Succubus

Solara, The Fire Elemental

I’m thinking this could be a good Blue Rarity card with splash damage. Female. Ability: Fireball. Deals 35% splash damage within X range. Those creeps suffer x burn damage per second, damage is multiplied based on the creeps speed.(faster the creep, higher the damage) So sort of like a dandelion mixed with a poisonous frog… I imagine low damage and medium speed. Would definitely be cool art though! She would be really hot.

Vote now and join the dark side!

The poll will close Friday next week. [yop_poll id="11"]

Very nice, close call between drum and fire element for me.

A none of them option?? I mean look at these towers, nothing's really worth my vote. 1.) 10% of my health for useless bonus? Are you kidding? 2.) What's that? Too confusing, if it were to be explained I'd say it needs a lot of nerf. 3.) I'm not wasting my time. 4.) Seriously? That's the same thing as Assassin (my tower which has been refused by the community). In top of that, the name and the description make it sounds like a Nature type, sorry wrong place. No, I'm not salty because my tower's got refused, I didn't even expected it to be in this competition. IMO, none of these towers deserves to be in the game. Sorry guys.

I didn't cover Succubus and the other thing. 1.) Sounds like GiB, almost making me wanting to vote it, but range needs to be 1. Oh ya, this tower is just pros, so thanks but no thanks for me. 2.) What's this? I'd put it in metropolis if I had to have this tower in the game, not in darkness.

Just fyi, all your posts come over salty. Whether or not that's your intention it is how you come off. When voting for these towers everyone should be looking at these objectively. We should be voting on them based off idea alone and not really stats. I can probably say 95% of them are not going to be balanced. Don't discredit a tower alone off of stats. All of the stats can be adjusted accordingly to balance them. Now if you're telling me you like none of the ideas based off the idea alone, then that's perfectly fine.

I could write an essay on why I don't want any of these towers in the game based on their effect AKA idea. And probably one of the reason it seems I come off salty it's because I don't see these towers in the game, there have been a lot of towers much better than these, yes yes always based on the idea, and I see Andy trying to push new towers. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see new towers as well but I'd like more to hear Andy's real opinion on all of the towers.

I like the black priest and the fire elemental but sadly i only got 1 vote and the priest won it for me

Well it doesn't always appear that way, to me at least. Many times it seems just based off figures alone that the idea is being turned down, by you and other people, while the tower itself when balanced could be quite good. Not saying I'm much for the towers listed as of right now but was just trying to put out there for everyone how these things should be viewed as. Also, you could still completely disagree with towers being in the game without coming off salty. Maybe it's just me, maybe its because of the internet you can't really see the inflection things are being wrote as. But it does seem like you kinda blast people whenever they have a suggestion you don't like. I'd also like to see andy's opinion and it might be cool if at least a discussion and/or beta cycle go up for implementing the new towers that come out of these polls (not sure how new towers were introduced before as I haven't been on these forums for the longest). Discussion obviously would be over balancing and what the stats should be around.

Hmm I don't really understand your concerns with the proposed towers Manu. Of course the numbers and abilities needs balancing when towers are implemented. But is is really about the concept of those towers and their idea. And I think there are some pretty, pretty good ideas here. Also you need to consider, that we are talking about uncommon towers. They should not have that special and exclusive abilities like we get later with rare and unique towers. I didn't vote yet, because the choice is really hard this time :-) But it might be one of Flesh Reaver / Black Priest, hehe. Flesh Reave in combination with Protector Wizard skill could be pretty, pretty fantastic to boost early/mid game when you lack pots / items. That's my 2 cents.

i didnt think about the flesh reavers sacrifice for being a Heavy Early/mid game contribution, but i think the % it requires to sack for the returns seems to high when in the long run it would take what 2 1/2 Yellow potions to get those stats on a lvl 99 carry? (little more for the CC but still)

ANDY!!! just noticed, originally when you announced more darkness towers needed u said "- 2x common - 1x uncommon - 3x rare - 1x unique" Did u change your mind for 2 blues or just a typo/brain fart for this? ( says 2 uncommons needed!)

Yes, I changed my mind about this. Good catch :-) Because I will move Gib to the Unknown element tier. The card will still stay black though ;-) This way darkness will have as many regular towers like the other two elements.

okay , awesomeness (yeah gib as darkness would be a litttle sketch just cus of the req to get him)

another question though , it saying 3 rare is that Counting or not counting the acolyte? meaning 2 from the general + ypurs or 3 from general + yours

Acolyte already counts as one, so we get to vote for 2 rares on Friday!