Uncommon light tower vote

Vote for your favorite uncommon light tower (closed, thanks for voting)

The Tinker 28 23.5%
Templar 20 16.8%
Candle 19 16%
Cloud 12 10.1%
Judge 9 7.6%
Priest 8 6.7%
Swan 8 6.7%
Cherub 8 6.7%
Shrine of Gal'ad 7 5.9%
Finally here's the poll with all your uncommon tower suggestions. Note that you are voting on the general mechanic of each tower submission. All balancing related numbers are still subject to change. The top two suggestions with the most votes will be implemented. Every player has exactly one vote, so use it wisely. Take your time - you can submit your vote until end of September.

just a random

Templar and Candle hat really a race going on there... To bad only one of them could make it

Yeah, that was pretty close. Maybe we will see the Candle as rare tower? I will start work on your suggestion, The Tinker this weekend!