Unicorn Buff

In the closed beta the unicorn wasn't used much. That's why it got a buff. What do you think?

Sounds good. But the part that makes it not worth the effort for me is that the potion just gives levels. I know levels are good and powerful, but look at the two possibilities: either you are staying afloat and killing all the creeps and getting enough levels already - then the extra levels don't really matter, or you aren't killing all the creeps and you'll be spending 3000 gold on a unicorn that might last 5-10 rounds and give you a couple levels - although... That could be really useful. It just didn't seem like it before I thought it through. The point I was going to suggest before I noticed that it was already powerful was that the unicorn tears should be more unique. Maybe a luck or attack speed bonus as well. Maybe flat, maybe scaling. And I just finished reading the whole card again. Now the unicorn looks super powerful. Does that mean creeps lose 20% of total health or 20% of their current health? Also, for survivors, does that mean leaked creeps, or does that mean creeps that exit her range? I feel like with the current version, you could include flying creeps but maybe give them a lower chance to trigger her death? As I think about this more, I wonder: is this chance of dying affected by luck? The other thought is, what if you made it so the 5th creep kills her or something like that? It would feel bad if the 25% chance triggered on the first event. Anyway, I think it's a step in the right direction, but maybe too far. We can try it out and see how it goes. I'm curious, how many unique players have finished games in the beta?

The chance of dying is affected by luck, yeah! As soon as a ground creep (except challenges) enters her range, its health is reduced by 20% (from the total hitpoints). If the creep survives this, it is rolled if the unicorn is killed by it or not. In multiplayer games only the creeps of this particular wizard are affected. Yeah, I'm not sure how it will perform, but this way it feels a lot better than the unicorn in the beta version. And I think about 5 players played games in the beta.

So survives from her range? And you said about luck play role for what? Higher luck = less likely unicorn die? And unicorn tear. So far i tested doesnt work. Giving it to ygdrasil doesnt do anything. While we r on potion subject. I like to add thinker also doesnt get bonus luck from ygdrasil (yin yang ring) Sorry andy but we need alot of info on each card, so we know whats the limit. Maybe on card info here on forum.

If creeps survive the 20% health loss, they will instantly try to kill unicorn. The more luck unicorn has, the less likely it is to be killed. What version did you test the unicorn tears with? They did not work in s18, but that was fixed in s19. Tinker does not work with wedding rings / yggdrasil. When you read the description on wedding rings carefully it says so there: Whenever the carrier of this ring drinks a potion, the carrier of the other ring receives the effect of that potion, too. The other carrier does not drink, only receives the effect. Yggdrasil works technically the same, although there the description needs to be fixed.