Unique darkness tower vote

darkness-teaser The winners of last week are - The Ripper by syotos- 22 votes - Imp Mines by andy p. - 18 votes Congratulations syotos and andy p! And thanks everybody for voting! Now, this is your last chance to vote in this series. We end the tower vote with one UNIQUE TOWER today. These are the towers you can vote for:

Playful Spirit

What I have in mind is that this tower takes control of an existing tower (what i refer below as host. This is kinda like a parasite) and cannot be built on an empty tile on its own. So when you click on an existing tower, instead of replacing it, this tower takes control of it. Unique damage:n/a Range: adds 1 range if the host’s range is 3 and below Attack speed:n/a Abilities: Possession: the Playful Spirit enters a host and takes control of it. Gaining the ff: 100% attack speed 50%attack dmg (+1% per tower level) 80% crit damage (+2% per tower level) 10%crit chance (+0.5% per tower level) 20%luck (+0.1% per tower level) 2% chance to go into a state of playful insanity gaining maximum attack speed for 5 attacks only (+1 attack for every 15 levels) Resistance: at the start of each round there is 10% chance the host resist and breaks the Playful Spirits control losing the above attributes for 10sec. After the duration it tries to take control of its host again unabling it to move for 2sec.

Abyss Walker

Darkness drop Male Unique tower (purple gem) 20-38 3 range Effects: Embrace the Dark: everytime AW attacks a mass creep there’s a 20% chance that it get swallowed by the dark. + 0.2% chance per level. Darkness lord: for every creep swallowed darkness tower receive +2% strength, +4% crit damage and +0.4 crit chance.

The Gorger

Element – Darkness Price 3250 Range 1 and 3 (explained below) Damage 24-31 Speed 1.5 / 3 (explained below ) ‘Do you taste like chicken?’ Hunger! – Attack is set at 1.5 if not Eating a unit. Feast – The gorger will Grab the nearest NON BOSS unit and begin to consume it granting him Engorged. Dealing 20% of the creeps life per second. 10% Life per second at 15/30/45. Engorged – While consuming the unit the Gorgers attack speed is reduced to 3. Gains 20% damage Per unit consumed.

Miss Jilly’s Father

Vampire Unique $5000 1-1 Range:1 Attack speed:4s Blood Drain 0.1% chance to heal +0.1% per 5 levels Neighbor extraction within 1 field gains %0.01 experience

Soul collector

Range 1 Every 15 levels it’s range increases by 1 Every time full of souls all stats boosted by 10% perm. Capacity starts at 10..so 10 kills it’s full..then increases capacity by 50%. So 10..15..22.5…33…50…75…130..etc.


A pillar of dark and alien origin. Damage:n/a Range:n/a Atk speed:starts at 0 Unique Abilities: StatIc charge: it is a tower of malignant energy. Each second there is no creep within its range it channels dark energies gaining 8%health shield OR 1 blast range every 60sec for a maximum of 4 stacks. Activating this ability will release the malignant energies killing every creep within its range at the same time losing the acquired health shield. After activating there is a 30 sec delay before it starts to recharge. -0.3 sec channeling time per tower level.


Purple Gem Cost 3000 Range 2 Damage 10-15 Attack CD 2s Male Effects: Soul Reaping: Every creep killed by this tower permanently adds 1 base damage. +.02 Base damage per level. The Reaper’s scythe collects the souls of the departed granting him unholy power. Note: Doesn’t receive credit for previous kills of a replaced tower

Spider Queen

Purple Gem Cost 2800 Range 2 Damage 15-18 Attack CD 3s Female Devour: Has a 4% chance to devour a creep stuck in a web and permanently gain 5% damage. +.2% chance to devour per level +.1% damage per level Venomous Bite: Each attach causes the creep to take 200% damage over 8 seconds and be slowed by 8%. +1% venom damage per level +.05% slow per level Damage doesn’t stack but each attack starts the timer over. *All stats can be obviously modified for balance. *Spiders would have to work together to get spider queens first effect working.

Vote now and join the dark side!

The poll will close Friday next week. [yop_poll id="13"] PS: Any unique tower suggestions I did not add to the poll are on my list for potential legandaries!