Veleda's Prophecies

Veleda is going to be the signature tower of the upcoming season. She's a powerful norse seer and from time to time she'll create a prophecy item for you. Prophecy items can only be equipped by Veleda and all prophecies currently equipped by her can be fulfilled. I've added two low tier prophecies to give you an idea what kind of stuff will be possible next season. Also, the prophecies are far from complete! In case you have an idea for a prophecy, feel free to leave a comment here or create a post in the card ideas section. Update 2021/08/21 Added Blot to Odin and Tale of Dust prophecies.
A wealthy Boss
A hungover Challenge
Blot to Odin
Tale of Dust

This can get OP rly fast, but I love it. This'll be fun.

I hope so :-)

I love it!

Before I suggest more, I got three questions: -Is this only supposed to give player-friendly prophecies? Or something like "If you survive this round with buffed enemies without losing health, you get buff" are also fine? -The two starter prophecies are enemy debuffing ones. Are you also open about player tower buffing ones? -How about giving a negative prophecy as a secondary ability? This tower having luck that is lower than (insert number that increases per [round? Level needed before 99?]) Gives it negative prophec? Prophecies were supposed to be a double-edged blade and I dont want people to just build this out on a whim considering its unknown element, removing the element pot restriction. BUT its your game in the end. Edit: fourth question. How about a prophecy that debuffs both enemies and player? Like this: Name: Snow Day Flavor text: Its winter!... Right? Effect: at next round, enemy movement speed are slowed by (?) While all towers atk spd are also slowed by (?).

I like your take on this, @Calm_Standard. I could see others that are two-edged, like the blood demon tower. I think any brutal, gamble prophecies should be legendary. I'm thinking something like: Hel's Gamble Grants the next challenge extra health equal to 100x your max hit when equipped and the ability to reduce your health to 1%. Defeating the challenge grants a permanent +50% damage to Vex.

Something like Scroll of time. Time permanently moves twice as fast. Or Scroll of loot On the next challenge boss killed you receive x random items Or something legendary like Scroll of pain All towers receive 1 multicrit Just a few ideas, but with this tower it could make some game play very interesting depending on what it's capable of. Can't wait to see what happens.

Fifth question: Do you accept tower or element-specific prophecies? Like this: Name: Reign of Alphas. Flavor text: Behold! The power of moon moon! (Meme reference) Effect: At next round, all wolves will gain alpha wolf and wolfpack ability. Name: Blood harvest. Flavor text: The darkness is now tainted with blood. Effect: all enemies killed by darkness type towers in (this round? Next [?] Rounds?) has (?) Chance to give 1% health to player.

@Calm_Standard I absolutely love this! Making the prophecies double edged would be very interesting in terms of gameplay. Also, in terms of your questions. Really, I'll consider anything that'd be interesting for gameplay. I'll try to focus on prophecies that are not too complicated (not too much text to read for the player and easy to understand what will happen). @FuzzyEuk such legendary prophecies would be really sweet!

I'll be waiting for it :D

What about a prophecy that on completion allows you to select another hero to bring into battle so that you get benefits from both. That could make for some insane games and would love to try it

@Condor selecting another arbitrary hero would be too strong. What could work, if we added some new heroes that could be used with this prophecy. For instance norse gods like Loki, Freya, Odin.

@andy new heroes could be fun I feel like Loki would have to double edged something like when prophecies are fulfilled they have a chance to activate a random prophecy but all prophecy are greatly stronger. Freya could be something like all nature towers have a % chance to give wizard hp and potions are 35% stronger. For Odin maybe as a new tower that has a weapon specific to that tower like lucifers and gives crit chance/damage and maybe multicrit and has its own atqck that projects a laser that travels down the pathway for a few seconds that damages creeps

I like it. This made me think of two other ideas: 1. Based on Condor's idea: allow changing the hero. This could still be more powerful than it looks because some hero are helpful early game, others excel in the late game. 2. A prophecy based unlock system for new heros that have special conditions that must be met. It seems like most prophecies in stories involve some conditions. I would like to see more prophecies that require a non-standard condition to be met. My most adventurous prophecy has a condition of killing a challenge: part of normal gameplay.

Indeed, more complext prophecy conditions would be awesome! I added another one this morning, which is triggered by building a tower.
Blot to Odin

That prophecy makes me ask a couple questions: - Is there a reason to pay health for a tower? - Is there a benefit to having low health? To the first question: maybe a tower could be made of diamonds (Blofeld) and cost 50M-100M to build. For towers that cost less than 1M-10M, I'd rather prioritize money bin than spend health. To the second question: a tower could work differently depending on the amount of health the wizard has. Example: Chosen Executioner's speed could be renamed "Works better under pressure" and add "When wizard's health is less than 100%, then..."

The item level of that prophecy is quite low. So the idea is to help early game with building expensive towers. Losing health is the trade-off. Of course, a player going for Blood demon blade would just dust this prophecy.

Hmmm, Blot to Odin If I built Veleda with 1320 and waited until Blot to Odin droped it would be already in a mid game and I would have enough gold to build every towers When I have over 2 unique tower cards, it's aleady over round 50 then gold is not matter. cus I don't think someone would use this to build cheap towers with the health panalty If It allows to build any tower even I don't have in my hand deck, it will be worth

I agree. I don't see Blot to Odin being used much unless... - a tower is very expensive - - could blofeld cost 10M? It's only used when you're rich. - there's a benefit to having lower health. - - maybe some towers could enjoy being near death. This probably only makes sense to implement as an element wide bonus. E.g. "Welcome to darkness towers. Their tower abilities are 2x as strong when you have <50% health." - Blot to Odin is a guaranteed early prophecy: wave 25 to 45.

My first thought about Blot to Odin was quite positive: It would be a typical gamble to go for this prothecy to build a unique Tower out of the deck master skill early in the game - Nice! Another idea to discuss from my side: A total limit of five(?) unequipped prothe cies at ones, so you're forced to use them to have slots free for new (and better) ones.

Prophecies will be transmutable. So if there's a prophecy you think is too dangerous or does not fit your current strategy, you can transmute it.