Version 0.1.1 released

icon A new alpha release of Mazebert is ready for download! Please note that this is an alpha release, not the final app. In fact it is FAR AWAY from being the final app. But it can be played already.

Release notes

  • Fixed the tower selection issue, that was reported by Mo. Towers in the foreground no longer block access to towers behind them that easily. A downsampled bytebuffer with direct access to the underlying alpha values of the tower sprites did the trick! Also, when building a new tower, the ground tile where the tower will be built is now highlighted. Thanks Mo for the good suggestions!
  • Happy building! This release has 9 towers you can play with.

picking's really working great now, thanks for the quick response to my feedback :D a few more thoughts for future updates: - the highlighting in dark green is a bit subtle, maybe white would do a better job here.. - highlighting isn't happening or working because of conflicting visualization of attack radius when picking existing towers.. again, white would help here.. - possibility of swiping to more towers availiable for building isnt apparent.. maybe cut-off edges of following tower-pages on the side of the screen would do the job here, at the expense of losing a bit horizontal screenspace... - the "1" on the stats button gives the impression of 1 new notification / medal.. maybe you can just get rid of it? and maybe even replace the icon by a cup/medal? - the FFW button alone is a bit unconvenient to me indicating the acceleration of time (i guess), i would suggest combining it with a classic clock face with watch hands. - even though you told me the meanings of the 4 icons, i only remember rebuilding and selling... ;) if i wanted to find out, i would have to go with trial-and-error.. well, always the problem with icon-only interface solutions ;) keep it up!

So the build spot would be colored differently than the tower range information? Agreed, I think that would make things more clear to the user. I scheduled this for next release. Regarding the user interface, those are some good points about polishing it. Currently moved to the backlog, so that it will be part of a future sprint. Looking forward to the polishing days to come :-) Thanks for the heads up!