Version 0.10.0 released!

Once more, this is a release with a lot of bugfixes and balancing adjustments! But there are also new things waiting for you!

New bonus round season!

A new bonus round season started today. This means the bonus round scores are cleared and the hunt for the highest score is on again! The scores gathered in 0.9.3 and below were archived and the ladder screen was extended so that they can still be watched. Please note that bonus round scores from versions 0.9.3 and below are rejected by the server from now on. Also, from now on we have a bonus round ladder for every available map!

New map: Shattered Plains!

[caption id="attachment_3523" align="alignleft" width="200"]Long waited for. A new map! Long waited for. A new map![/caption]

Choose the Elements you want to use

[caption id="attachment_3581" align="alignleft" width="200"]Play with Darkness/Metropolis towers only? No problem, it's up to you now. Play with Darkness/Metropolis towers only? No problem, it's up to you now.[/caption]

New item: Wolfskin Cloak

[caption id="attachment_3537" align="alignleft" width="200"]Wolf returns! Wolf returns![/caption]

Improved tutorial

[caption id="attachment_3440" align="alignleft" width="200"]The tutorial became a lot cleaner. The tutorial became a lot cleaner.[/caption]

Improved autosave

This was really about time! - Autosave is continuously created - Creeps are saved/loaded - Backup files for save games are created - Bonus round progress is store now. No need to keep the app running in bonus round any more. - Savegame migration from 0.9.3 games to 0.10.0. From now on old game files should not be destroyed upon update anymore.


- Rebalanced number of items per rarity (more items in the common tier to increase chance for uncommon items) - Rebalanced/buffed Scarface - Viking Helmet became a regular drop - Increased range of Widow to 2 - Increased drop chance of air units


- Fixed Irish Pub exploit - Fixed Deckmaster duping exploit - Deck Master no longer allows picking of Gib - Black bar no longer appears randomly above game. - Laser Satellite's beam can no longer block touches - Fixed item duplication exploit - Fixed potion duplication exploit - Traps of Bear Hunter are stored - Options can be accessed in bonus round A big thank you to all testers, who made this release even possible! I hope you have fun playing 0.10.0!

Needs an immediate hotfix. The game is crashing when transmuting 4 rare towers.

Major error encountered. Can't combine 4 yellow cards for an item. Game completely freezes. Nexus 5 latest version of android. When I force close, card trade-in reset but no item. Potion trade-in and Gear trade-in work fine.

...both maps. Doesn't matter how many elements.

The same problem( no upgrade for 4 yellow((( Looking forward for fix...

Hotfix is out! That was a really stupid last-minute bug I added. Thanks for reporting!

Fixed it! Thanks for reporting :-) And sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks for the report. Problem is fixed and I uploaded new versions for Android / Windows.

Also came across potion error where potion won't go away... meaning you can spam it infinitely. It was fun to test out different towers with 0 sec cooldown. I stopped spamming randomly and was at 14k% speed increase. Impossible to keep impatience before bonus round with most towers. I can't replicate the error but I wasn't really paying attention when it happened the first time.

Thanks for the report. Actually, I thought I already fixed this for this release, but it wasn't the case. I already have created a potential fix for it, but want to do some more tests before shipping another hotfix.