Version 0.6.0 released

Friendly_pumpkinHappy Halloween! The Halloween release of Mazebert TD is now ready for download! With skill tree, horsemen of the apocalypse and many new vicious cards this release hopefully scares you well. This time, there is a lot of re-balancing included. I hope you will enjoy playing it!

Release notes 0.6.0

  • The new skill tree! Spend skill points worth your current level.
  • Every 50th round you must face one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • A creepy main menu and a map at night teach you fear!
  • 3 new towers, 1 new item and 1 new potion!
  • Improved memory management of tower assets.
  • Fixed the bug which made it possible for a unique item to drop twice.
  • Pressing the next wave button has no effect when the game is paused.
  • Improved balancing factors and nerfed/buffed towers according to your feedback on version 0.5:
    • Nerfed Huli the Monkey
    • Buffed uncommon items
    • Nerfed Key of Wisdom
    • Buffed Holgar the Horrible (higher strength, weaker potions, but increased potion dropchance)
    • Buffed mass waves
    • Nerfed Messerschmidt's Reaver

Download Mazebert TD v0.6

You can download the latest version of Mazebert TD on the download page. Hint for Android: I just uploaded the APK to the Google Play Store, but it states that it could take several hours before it is available. If you can't wait, I provided a direct link to the APK.


[caption id="attachment_839" align="alignleft" width="190"]Creepy main menu, just for the right feeling. Creepy main menu, just to get into the right mood.[/caption][caption id="attachment_842" align="alignleft" width="190"]The new skill tree is finally there! The new skill tree is finally there![/caption][caption id="attachment_844" align="alignleft" width="190"]Behold! The four horsemen. Can you defeat them in epic battle? Behold! The four horsemen. Can you defeat them in epic battle?[/caption][caption id="attachment_850" align="alignleft" width="225"]A new early/midgame carrier. A new early/midgame carrier.[/caption][caption id="attachment_852" align="alignleft" width="225"]Well, this one is a quite lovely support. Well, this one is a quite lovely support.[/caption][caption id="attachment_854" align="alignleft" width="225"]Huli's evil twin brother! Huli's evil twin brother![/caption][caption id="attachment_856" align="alignleft" width="225"]Look, it's a pumpkin. At first glance this item doesn't make any sense at all.. Look, it's a pumpkin. At first glance this item doesn't make any sense at all..[/caption][caption id="attachment_858" align="alignleft" width="225"]An item for adventurers... An item for adventurers...[/caption][caption id="attachment_859" align="alignleft" width="225"]Crush your poor  towers for your own good. Crush your poor towers for your own good.[/caption] ============================================================================

Ladder challenge

Aaaand the ladder is closed for the current challenge. I just took the final screenshot! Congratulations everybody for this epic ladder run. The winners are: 1st: Grunky - You win a card of your choice! 2nd: Vasuhn - You win a potion OR item card! 3rd: Mr.Gonzalez - You win an item card! In the next days I will try to contact you about your card ideas! Please note that as the ladder is anonymous (no email adresses or other data captured). So if some nickname cannot be identified within time, the next best player is getting the reward! Now I have some fun with the Halloween release :-) [caption id="attachment_865" align="aligncenter" width="209"]Congratulation guys! This was an epic ladder run! Congratulation guys! This was an epic ladder run![/caption]

So my first review for this Version ;) I like the way you balance. You haven`t overdone anything. The splash of Messerschmidts is as strong as before, i would suggest to lower the splash damage to 75% or futher reduce the range to 1. With 100% and 2 range its just rocking anything. But: Hulis Crit is still ways to high. I think reseting the 5% and remove the bonus per level would do it. Maybe also slightly nerf banana eating. Muli isn`t really valuable, cause u need to much hulis. I think he is in no situation better then huli. He need some stat-buff like eating bananas. On the other side it would be better if he would be unique. You cant use more then one on any purpose ;) I havent had enough hulis in any game to get muli early enough to profit from liquor. Mass waves are still a bit to weak, but better then before. I wouldnt have thought that, but with the new longbow, airwaves are a bit weak. I would lower the bonus per level to the old value. The Scarecrow is extremly strong in mid game. My Scarecrow have onehittet any boss till wave 80. Maybe lower the damage a bit and give it +1 crow any 7 Levels. This is my first valuation, maybe everything seems so strong cause of >50 skillpoints. This Version with skilltrees and the funny new stuff really rocks :D

Heya! First off, great TD! Finally someone started on the YouTD concept. Thumbs up, man! Keep in mind that this is just what I think and have noticed during my time playing. I've been playing on my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1". Runs smoothly but if I lock the screen while im in the game it gets weird. It unlocks and locks it over and over again. You could say it starts to blink and playing the lock-sound. So I have to unlock the screen and shut down Mazebert and then lock it. The game itself will probably take some time to balance and I think it is awesome that you work so hard for it. Here is what I have noticed: Herb Witch: The aura is stackable. The towers get way too strong because of that. + the lvl bonus which is abit high as well. The solution could be that you can only get one aura from a Herb Witch but the aurabonus on the other towers would stack. (For example Herb witch aura = 20% and you have another herb witch at lvl 10, which is 5% attackspeed. So the tower gets 25% attackspeed.) I've posted a images at the bottom which various images to explain. Huli The monkey: He gets 100% dmg buff from the start + lots of crit. (Its nerfed now which is great!). A very strong mid/endgame tower. I still think he gets a bit too strong. I would like to think that if you set his range to 2 it would balance out better. Scarecrow: waaay to strong, got that tower at lvl 30~ something and had 3 herb witches. He "one"-shotted challenges. Since he kind of stores his attacks so he gets 3(at start) to 15 (later on). My scarecrow could hit up to 650,000 in one blow. Take that times 15 and instant. The solution could be that he is a unique tower first of all. He sends 5 crows at his targets. Each crow has a 25% chance to send another crow, up to 10 crows total. Lvl bonus could be either higher chance to send a crow or a higher amount of crows. Knusperhexe: Have used it 2 times. It got to be lvl 45 at most. Not sure how much the aura did but its a great idea for a tower. Its hard to say because I dont know the amount of armor the creeps have. Tooltips: Balus hug, how long does it last? (My favourite towers are Poisonous Frog and Bear Hunter!) Items: The magic mushroom is stronger then the seven-leagues boots, when the tower gets a higher lvl. What I think should work is that the mushroom gets 0,4%/lvl and the boots get 1%/lvl. (If you at the sametime nerf the Herb Witch you get less attackspeed for the towers and a higher value on the Seven-leagues boots!) Key of wisdom is awesome! It can get a bit too much. I would suggest to set it too max two or maybe three keys total or max two equipped. For the Excalibur, Helm of hades and Messerschmidt's reaver, they are all very strong. Especially together. Doesnt matter which tower you have as carry. Balu, Huli, scarecrow, Frog. When you have all 3, you're safe. You could make the Messerschimdt's Reaver more balanced against Balu's cleave. (30%/cleave vs 100%/cleave). I think you should make the Messerschmidt's Reaver 55-65% and Improve Balus to atleast 45% And in total, the game needs more low/med lvl items. (Could use item ideas from YouTD.) Design for the game. Its nice with a halloween-theme but the game gets too dark for my taste. I liked the colours and the brightness from before. Items should be shown 4 at once, cause you get alot of items and you need to swipe through them all. If you had 4 items at once and sorted them with common,uncommon, rare, etc. You should have a button that opens a window which describes armor types, and the amount of armor for the present wave and explain Multi-crit, interest rate etc. (Different functions of the game. Maybe what amount you have at that moment.) I would like to be able to see how much -armor knusperhexes aura have at the moment. Same goes for all the +attribute/lvl towers. (Money bin, Black widow, Ganesha, Herb witch). http://sv.tinypic.com/r/16k588y/5 Ask if im not clear about something. My english may not be the greatest. Been playing the game for a while now so thought I could comment on that. Keep up the good work!

First of all thanks alot! Nice td ^^ . I really like it. Halloween version seems to be much easier than previous or i've got much luck with on and potion drops? I'll disagree. Imho Muli's skills are MUCH stronger than Huli's. If you'll power up Huli to lvl 100 it will gain +250% dmg. On Muli i've got +1500% to crit dmg which is multiplied by multicrit. As for crit chance Muli gets +1% for 1 normal wave... And as for amount of Hulis - 2 were enough for me. The Scarecrow is not just strong in mid game - it is IMBA. And a nice carry to lvl 200. I replaced Scarecrow with Muli at ~lvl 120. At the second game i didn't replaced it at all. Their crits were about the same to lvl 200 (about 180k - 200k). I got horaric cube at lvl 11 in one game and at lvl 125 in another =) It would be nice to see any way of control in next versions.

Cheers for the great review and suggestions. Yes, Messerschmidt's was only slightly nerfed, the splash range was reduced from 3 to 2. The reason for that was, that the item is based on hokkei's idea in the YouTD board and I didn't want to change it significantly. The 100% dmg was kind of connected with this idea. However, there are so many combinations making this item really imba. For instance putting it on a Hitman. Or putting it on a 1 range tower, which doesn't get reduced any further. In endgame -attackspeed is just neglectable. Another thing is, that compared to other splash towers it is just so much better. I guess, the best thing would be to reduce the splash damage significantly to 25% or so, maybe keep the 3 range. Hmm, at least in my Huli experiments I felt it was quite harder to build up momentum with him. Of course it really depends on the amount of potions you got before. If you got nothing doing +crit damage then Hulis chance bonus will have a much lesser effect. Also I'd really like to keep the level bonus of the crit ability, because it is always nice as an additional motivation to level this tower up as fast as possible. Maybe a slight nerf of the crit values in the next release? Let's see how the general feedback on Huli turns out. Last release it was pretty clear, everyone was like, oh hey Huli, yeah he's IMBAAA! :-) Yes, Muli was designed as a late game carrier. One of the issues with late game is that people don't know what to do with their money (except you have built the laser ^^). So the idea was to make the iLvl of Muli quite high (>90) so that the chance is higher that when you get him, you have a huli card and some money to spare... Interesting, actually Uli (who had the idea for this tower), wanted Muli to be unique as well. My arguing was, well he's the twin brother and needs the same rarity than Huli. I will check, but it could make sense to make him unique. Maybe the liquor ability could be slightly modified as well, so that he gets an instant growth effect like Balu? But I'd wait to see how many Muli strategies develop with the current build first... Yes, I actually might buff air and mass a little bit further altogether... This way the longbow might stay the way it is right now... And yes, scarecrow seems to be OP. It kind of feels like with Huli in the last version ^^ Finally, thanks for all the great input, and I'm really happy you enjoy the Halloween Release! Btw. do you already have an idea for your challenge reward?

Hey there, I just filed a bug for the next spring about the lock screen issue. I'm not sure what might cause this, but it might be related that I disabled the auto dim/lock of screen during gameplay. Maybe that's something not handled correctly. I will check back with my nexus 7, but I was pretty sure that it doesn't happen there. In case I can't reproduce it, I might ask you to test a possible fix on your device, if that would be okay :-) Regarding herb witch, the concept of stackable auras is actually by design. However I see the point that herb witch is one of the most built towers right now. It was much worse in the very first releases because she was the only support and every game was cluttered with her. By now, I see that it is actually getting better, because more and more alternatives with other benefits emerged. At least my plan is to add more aura towers like herb witch (+crit, +damage, ...), so players need to decide what kind of support they need the most. Yes, regarding Huli I already got the feedback from Vasuhn above that he might still be a bit too stong. What do you think about Vasuhns suggestions? One thing to note: When I reduce Hulis range, the balancing formula will automatically increase his damage to make up for it. That way he will get much stronger, because the +dmg, +crit, +multicrit combination loves nothing mor than increased base dmg :-) Another option would be to simply reduce his ability factor a little bit further.. Right now creeps have 1 armor point per round. For example, a creep at round 20 has 20 armor. Balus hug lasts 15 seconds. I added a ticket to make the tool tip more obvious! Yes the idea with the mushroom was, that it has a bad effect as well, but with the right tower level it even outpasses the boots. So that was intended by the item creator :-) But I see what you mean. Because of the Herb Witch, later on items don't have such a great effect anymore, because so much more % attackspeed is needed to have an impact at all. Agreed on the items. There should be more low/med level items!!! Limiting the amount of items is right now not implemented/possible. Hmm, but actually an interesting idea for the problem with the keys that should be kept in mind.. Please see my comment above about Messerschmidt's. It really needs a further nerf! Yeah, the theme is temporarily :-) Especially the main menu got a bit dark tinted with all that red. The next release will be back to normal again! Good idea about the items, but I fear it would be hard to read stuff on them if they were only half the size. Ah wait, your playing on a tablet, right? Cause there is a general problem with the current UI as its designed for phone screen sizes. I already got some feedback to create a special UI for tablets, so that you can see more at once. For the tablet UI this would be a viable option. However, its not gonna happen in the near future, because it will take a lot of time until the whole concept is ready. Actually, the first prototype of the game had a tablet sized interface and a whole different UI concept, before I changed it to phone resolution and reworked the whole UI. I uploaded a screenshot if you want to have a look ^^: http://mazebert.com/?attachment_id=868 I can see your point about the additional stats. However, the limiting fact is the screen resolution and the philosophy I'm after is simplicity and less is more. But sometimes soon I want to introduce trigger chances to the game, so I need to extend the tower stats card... Maybe I can find a solution how to show special tower attributes there as well, like number of banans huli ate so far, number of children the which ate... I added a ticket with your suggestions to the backlog, so they are not forgotten. Thanks for all your great feedback, very much appreciated! PS: Do you already have an idea for your challenge reward?

Thanks for the heads up! Nice one, you played with Muli as endgame carrier. That was the intention :-) What do you think about the idea making him a unique tower? Would you prefer the banana booze as a instantly growing ability over the current implementation? This would mean something like every 5 sec or so Muli steals 50 gold from your treasure and buys banana booze... Yeah, scarecrow is on top of my list of must-be-nerfed towers :-) Oh then you got really unlucky there! But its definetly possible right now, yes. In terms of drop chance the horadric cube is like any other UNCOMMON tower, although it is a unique. I also had some games where I had a lot of items gamble, my health drained and drained and I was waiting for this goddamn tower to drop. But I think this is what makes the game interesting :-)

The problem with muli as carry is, that at the point, where u can use him (min. 2 hulis, enough gold for 2*huli + muli) you could win with a huli instead. The game isnt long (or in the end: hard) enough that you need muli. You can also use scarecrow, huli or so on.... thats why he need to get significant better (or cheaper/easier to use). I really, really like the idea behind muli. especially with the on-kill-effect. In my opinion its just not worth the work, building muli-setups, because so much other towers perform better. Also i just got a game, where i had 7 mulis and no single huli. Muli just need to be unique, so he want stop us from getting other towers :)

Yes, I think making him unique would certainly make it much better for gameplay. I just added a ticket containing all the suggestions about Muli so far. Expect a re-worked version of him in the next release!