Version 0.8.2 released

melting-glacier The next release of Mazebert TD is now finally ready for download! With endless mode, two of the community designed set items and a lot of bugfixes and balancing adjustments I'm proud to announce: The melting glacier edition. At this point many, many thanks to all alpha testers, especially Kad and his family! You're amazing! Without your help this release would never be as good as it is now.

Release notes 0.8.2

  • Challenge rewards!
    • Vasuhn's Frozen set (1st place)
    • Infinity's Withered set (2nd place)
    • Mokhnaar's Impatience‚Äôs Wrath (3rd place) -> This one was actually delayed to version 0.9 :-(
    • Thomadin's Essence of Wisdom
  • New endless mode skill for your wizard
  • Redesigned Muli's 'Banana Booze' ability
  • Fixed balancing issues reported by the community for 0.7
  • Fixed item duping exploit
  • Fixed exploit and glitches with item transmutation
  • Accurate stun duration
  • Rarity gems added to items and potion cards
  • Corrected spawn priority when skipping waves
You can find the complete changelog here.

Download Mazebert TD v0.8

You can download the latest version of Mazebert TD on the download page. Hint for Android: I just uploaded the APK to the Google Play Store, but it states that it could take several hours before it is available... Hint for iOS: Did the same here, I expect Apple to approve the version at the beginning of next week.


item34_card item20_card gib new-muli The mighty Essence of Wisdom!

What does multicrit do anyway? I can't find any explanation for it anywhere

It gives the max possible amount of crits a tower can do with a single hit.

So in one hit, the crit would be multiplied? Or itll attack twice sorta?

Right now multicrit is calculated the following way (pseudo code): damage = calculate damage for this hit for i = 1 to multicrit do   roll dice and check if this is a crit   yes: add crit damage to resulting damage, reduce crit chance temporarily by 20%   no: we're done here Hope this helps!

Ok. So the higher the multi crit, the more crit hits you can get off in succession? Haha or am I completely wrong

Yes, it denotes the amount of crits done in one hit. You can see the amount of crits done in the hit by the amount of excalamtion marks in the crit notification. For instance, "120!" is just a normal crit, "360!!!" would be a 3x crit.