Version 0.8.5 released

Was started as a mere bugfix release turned into a release with some nifty features. Again, thanks everybody for testing the intermediate versions, special thanks to Kad as always! Don't know what I would do without your reports. Prepare for some exciting new additions:
  • Added 3 levels of difficulty!
  • Extended the wave master skill, spend points to vary between 500 and 2000 waves
  • Added Scepter of Time item
  • Massive performance improvements to save battery life and a smoother playing experience
  • Added 30/60 fps switch to further save battery if required
  • Fixed time warp issues with Withered Set
  • Upgraded to latest Adobe AIR SDK and Starling/Feathers master to ensure stability with the latest Android version

Download Mazebert TD 0.8.5

You can download the latest version of Mazebert TD on the download page. Hint for Android: I just uploaded the APK to the Google Play Store, but it states that it could take several hours before it is available… Hint for iOS: Did the same here, I expect Apple to approve the version at the beginning of next week.

Sweet! I got 5 Blades of Darkness.

Don't mention it friend, I love working to help get these bugs hammered out asap. No thanks required but it is nice :D Well kinda fixed the time warp issue ;) That goblin is surely sneaky!!

I dont see any perfornance changes in the difficulty modes. Ran 2 500 waves on easy and nornal. Current wave 150 on hard. Or am I blind?

The difficulty setting only affects the early and midgame polynoms for creep hitpoint calculation. The endgame factors are the same for all difficulties. So basically you just have a harder / easier time to start and get things rolling. Also, easy grans 25% less ladder xp, normal is identical to the previous difficulty and finally hard grants 25% more ladder xp.

Thazs nice since I just reached wave 1000/2000 on hard. Now I go to bed and let my tower kill creeps. I need to hunt down kad. :D

I think i ran into a bug. I was running a game and my android phone autoupdated. My phone restarted after freezing up and then when I went to restart the app had wiped my ladder ranking/login. I will mention this in the forums, just wonder if anyone saw this one happen.

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm wondering what went wrong during the update while the game was running. Maybe I should keep a temporary safety copy of the save file in future to recover such scenarios. Do you need help recovering your ladder key?

I do if that is okay. What do you need from me?

Haha nice :-) I already noticed the top field is getting more dense!

It's already over... *sniff* *sniff* Screenshot

Haha, this is insane :-D Just counted the exclamation marks, constant multicrit of 10 on you Balu. Lovely!

Close enough :D Balu Balu is not bad... Not bad.

Cant find the Update in AppStore :/ Its not finished yet for iPhone ?

It was done the same time than android. But Apple is still reviewing it. Hopefully it will be approved and processed to the app store soon.

The following app has been approved and the app status has changed to Ready for Sale: It can take up to 24 hours before your app is available on the App Store. This delay is dependent on any app availability issues. Whohooo :-)