Version 0.9.1

I just released a bugfix release 0.9.1 for all platforms, to fix the issues reported so far for 0.9. - Fixed glitch on some Android devices when trading 4 rare cards or when trading the cube - Reduced map brightness, so that towers are better recognizable - Fixed construct ability of Mr. Iron, so that identical cards stack properly as well - Miss Jilly's kill chance is now calculated correctly - Fixed bonus round exploit reported by Kad [caption id="attachment_2369" align="alignleft" width="200"]The map was too bright... The map was too bright...[/caption][caption id="attachment_2370" align="alignleft" width="200"] it is less distracting! it is less distracting![/caption]

Just a comment on the new patch, First i'd like to say great game i enjoy it a lot! but , with the new patch i like the Bonus round but i would of prefered to keep the other rounds from Lvl points to go up past just 200, because it just seems little flawed just going to 200 with the bonus then. as well on the note of "Mr.Iron" the towers base dmg/speed is way to low to want to place him for 3800 and have to wait 90 seconds each time u consume 4 items to buff him. (fyi if u consume 4 keys of wisdom he does not get all 4 or even any more than that and seems aura's are slightly bugged from his consumes to). And what about granting more potion drops or more chance at purple potions/towers/items. instead of just being only able to get 1 of each.

Hey thanks for the feedback! I fixed the bug with Mr. Iron that every item only counted one time. With this fix he became a lot stronger than before! About the uniques: As they are unique they can appear only once in a game :-D This allows to make them extremely strong or to give them abilities they otherwise couldn't have that easily. So its really a central part of the game already that they are truly unique, so not that easy to change. About the bonus round: It's definitely not final yet the way it is! I will try start a poll soon to gather feedback on it... but the previous 2000 waves was just a bit too much for my taste :-)

Personally, I would just like to have an endless waves mode. Could be a separate game mode. I don't even care about ladder xp. I like the LONG game as I get to do more stuff, plan longer builds. The current end game bonus just seems strange, the entire dynamic changes. As for the rest of the update, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Actually, while I am here, Mr Iron does not receive set bonus after absorption correct?

Hey bro! First off I would like to say, AMAZING FREAKING GAME. Alright now that I have that out of my system I would like to remark about two or three things. Firstly, you may need to fix scarface a bit, he is next to useless at higher levelsz I love his concept and would LOVE to see his evolution. Second, for the stats screen I would love to see things like: number of creeps killed, favorite tower, challenge rounds survived, worst tower, highest hit, longest bonus survival time(overall), exp gained this game, exp to level, number of creeps auto killed, number of stuns(maybe), gold gained overall, items transmuted, pumpkins found(funny), sets compleated, potions consumed, and maybe number of rounds survived throughout entire time playing? Those were just some ideas. Ive played your game a bit too much and would love to pitch ideas and supply help when needed, cheers and goodluck!

Oh and about bonus round, I was able to reach round 1500 previously before a horseman killed me, it was reasonably balanced but way to hard nearing the end, I personally like bonus but would prefer a setting such as only two waves at a time or a button that allows you to buff a tower for 2x speed for "x" seconds or such, would balance out the problems. I would like to see more activated abilities on towers.

Yep that's correct :-) About the bonus round, I started a poll right now to get some feedback & ideas.

Thanks for writing and the heads up! Good input for the stats screen, too! The active ability thingy is really new to the game, I implemented it basically about two days before the final release of 0.9, cause I couldn't find another way for Mr Iron to work as he should :-D There will be towers coming with this feature for sure!

Thanks for the quick reply! nice to know you will be implementing some of those new concepts, good luck programming and such! oh and for the poll, could you possibly add a " I like both" and a " I like the bonus round but would like to see it re balanced" poll question?

My feedback is one I've wanted for a while. I would like to be able to see the current percentage for tower abilities. So for instance... My first ride with jilly, I thought it was weird how she wasn't executing well with 2 lucky pants equipped. So for her, if you could show the execute percent, it would help gauge more easily if you want to keep that tower.

Hey Sam, good idea :-) Could implement this for her 'Custom bonus' field. I added a ticket for this, Cheers!

Thank you so much for this game! Its quite rad. I have suggestion and one gripe. First when I wish to upgrade a tower and click the upgrade button, the name of the tower to be upgraded is not visible. This allows for greater operator error. I upgraded the wrong tower because I clicked the one behind it. It would be cool if there was a title at the top that read something like, "Upgrading hitman" My gripe is that my battery on my phone died while I was playing and I lost everything from that match as well as the others I had played. I am back at the beginning again. My wizard has no name again =( That said this is THE best Tower Defense game I have ever played. Thanks for making it = D