Version 0.9.3 released!

This is a release with a lot of bugfixes and balancing adjustments! But there are also new things waiting for you!

New bonus round season!

A new bonus round season started today. This means the bonus round scores are cleared and the hunt for the highest score is on again! The scores gathered in 0.9.2 and below are archived and the ladder screen was extended so that they can still be watched. Please note that bonus round scores from versions 0.9.2 and below are rejected by the server from now on.

Irish Pub can call St Paddy's Day!

[caption id="attachment_3134" align="alignleft" width="200"]Irish Pub received a new active ability... Irish Pub received a new active ability...[/caption][caption id="attachment_3135" align="alignleft" width="200"]...and here it is in action :-) ...and here it is in action :-)[/caption]

Air creeps in bonus round!

[caption id="attachment_3137" align="alignleft" width="200"]Nasty, little air creeps for the bonus round. Nasty, little air creeps for the bonus round.[/caption]

Time Master skill

[caption id="attachment_3139" align="alignleft" width="625"]I think this is something a lot of people wanted to see! I think this is something a lot of people wanted to see![/caption]

Viking Helmet and Mead Bottles

[caption id="attachment_3142" align="alignleft" width="200"]New thing Holgar can find. New thing Holgar can find.[/caption][caption id="attachment_2974" align="alignleft" width="200"]Adjusted mead bottle. Adjusted mead bottle.[/caption]

Barrel of Guinness

A wonderful item suggestion by @jhoijhoi! It complements Herb Witch's Cauldron. [caption id="attachment_3146" align="alignleft" width="200"]Roll in some pints! Hehe. Roll in some pints! Hehe.[/caption]

Balancing adjustments

- Reduced bonus round xp gain - Holgar's potion abuse should no longer be possible - Adjusted negative armor calculation so that Knusperhexe is no longer broken - Nerfed the Impatience Wrath Set - Tweaked Mr. Iron -> no uniques, no sets, slightly increased damage - Tribute to Dark Forge cannot cause negative xp gain - Added luck effect to Nillos Elixir of Cunning - Nerfed Shadow's base damage from 6-17 to 5-15


- XP Reset after Satellite Gold Drain no longer possible - Fixed healing attack problem with Knusperhexe/Cactus combo - Mr. Iron has sometimes to remarry after construction - Prevent towers from gaining negative experience - Fixed missing lockscreen on Android. Two permissions are no longer needed, yay! - Fixed that screen can be shifted by half a screen after fast touches - When storing the player profile (ladder info) a backup of the old file is created. In case of a corrupted file, the backup is restored instead. - Improved stability of save game. Now savegames are written to the app storage directoy instead of the documents directory. Please bare with me that it took so long! At first I started this as a mere bugfix/balancing release, but then I couldn't resist to add some more features and polishing, too :-) I hope you enjoy this release!

Woo! I got a card idea in! :D Nice work on the update, Andy, will give the new version a spin. There's a typo in the Irish Pub card, "dress green an gain" should be "and gain".

Thanks, good catch! I noticed it as well just after uploading to the play store and creating screenshots for the post. D'oh! Already fixed the typo!

Oh man, gonna have a lot of fun there :3 I will have to try some new build Thanx for your work andy, and thanx you for applying so many suggestion from the community I will give you my feedback once I'm done with it :D

I feel the Nerf to iron man with no longer able to eat set items maks him not the price now because of no more massive nulticrit, only item worth making hm possible for carry is the yellow meat or he's only a pure support for %dmg/speed/crit. Could you take a look at my one post about limited possible carrys? And let me know your thoughts Andy ?

I know, I'm a bit behind on the forums :-/ Right now I'm working on the 'saving of creeps' feature, so that the game is saved more frequently and also the position of all the creeps is restored, which is quite some task! But I'm getting closer. After the map challenge tomorrow hopefully I can do the follow up on the forums!

Cheers! Looking forward to the results :-)