Version 0.9.3 too hard?

I received a lot of feedback that 0.9.3 is too hard. Though I did not change drop rates, creep hitpoints or the levels of difficulty. The big difference to version 0.9.2 is the new armor calculation. While in 0.9.2 the damage to regular creeps at wave 90 was reduced by about 10%, in 0.9.3 it is 30% already. What's your experience with the increase of difficulty? Does the 'Easy' and 'Normal' difficulties need to be adjusted? [caption id="attachment_3242" align="alignleft" width="480"]New and old armor damage reduction. New and old armor damage reduction.[/caption]

So I manage twice to go level 500. Both time I hard an nice early and I was unable to kill most of Challenge because of the upgrade. The new armor made it really harder for Challenge who are a important part for item. Then I didn't feel anyproblem against wave, shadow and holgar and iron could handle them really easily mid/late. But the challenge are just... IMBA.

I have been having a lot of trouble since 9.3, I had just assumed that it was poor luck on my part. At what wave does the new armor calculation cease being harder?

Except the armor part theres one more thing. All the new yellow item actually dilutes your chance of getting those more important early ones. For the first 150levels getting a steak, boots or key is far more important then getting the aoe buff and vice versa. So Its alot harder to get a good start now in my opinion.

Hmm i used irish pub for challenges cause it gave rediculous atk, but it doesnt anymore. So was that a bug thats fixed now? The challenges do seem extremely harder at start. Also, the initial drop rate makes it so that nothing drops for sure even for 100 waves. I found that if youre lucky enough to mix 1 water of life it makes it way easier but if you dont, youre doomed. Maybe make the drop bonus from powers slightly bigger to guarantee a decent drop rate? It would frustrate less.

Towards wave 200 they are getting closer together, but the new curve is always a little bit on top of the old one.

Hmm the Irish Pub should be even stronger in 0.9.3, as he got a new active ability. The previous aura wasn't changed and should be as strong as before.

Hmm are you sure? It worked like a multiplier in stead of an added percentage. Also, I found a hard to create but very exploitable bug just now. I dont really want to post it here tho. Should I email you?

I was talking about the active skill of pub btw not the aura

Wow just looked at the ladder. I think Abro found out about it too

15 days of bonus survival? Really? Even with double speed thats over a week.. thats just rediculous

Instead of stating the obvious, would you like to tell me how to replicate the bug so I can add it in the list of bugs so it can be fixed ASAP?

Just throwing in my 2 cents on this. The new version isn't more difficult. Just requires a different strategy. Previously, users most likely focused on building a carry tower and trying to restrict other towers from "stealing" XP. However, in version 9.3 I started building carry and carry/support extremely early. Both leveling at roughly the same pace. This has made games easier.

Ive tried to replicate but the conditions are unclear. Suffice it to say it works 'sometimes'... cant be more precise atm... but here it is: while transmuting potions, sometimes a potion you transmuted shows up in your list after... 2 things can happen: 1: you dont have any other remaining potions. In that case, the potion isnt transmutable anymore, but it is drinkable infinitely. It wont disappear from the list. 2: you had different potions, for example a pain killer: the potion is still in the screen and remains transmutable and drinkable, but if you do, the painkiller is gone. In my case, it was always a blue potion. This could be a related issue: while transmuting gear, i lost my messerschmids reaver by just continuing to swipe up. Lastly, i didnt want to post it here cause people might try to recreate it, thats why I was reluctant to post it. Mind the tone please, as im only trying to help

Yes with this release the 1 carry strat from start on no longer works. I think this is not bad :-)

Wosso0, thanks for your help and detailled description of the issue(s). I created a ticket and will try to reproduce it here and to fix it in the next version. Cheers!

ahahh just realised that i played only in easy mod cant go over 140lv now i cant get to 100lv whit this new armor u just maked them like whit 20% more hp so il try normal but dont think that i can go to lv50 ahahah.I played a game that i wasnt finished and was 80wave and i had 4 snipers that they crited mobs whit near like ~500dmg after the up they started to crit whit ~320dmg max and after 10waves my towers just started to play cards whit the mobs and died instanly. nice armor update just make them immortal pls.or im just toooo bad at this game hehee.and sorry realy bad english.