Version 1.0

version-1-0-0 I'm happy to announce that the next version of Mazebert TD will be 1.0, the first official, major release! While working on 0.11 I notices that for every finished feature, I thought of two new features to add. The development state I'm having right now is already much more than I ever planned for 0.11. Still, it is not yet ready to be released, without some more extra features and polishing work to round things up. It's time to do it right and take some time to produce a final version - that's easy to get into for new players and in the same time holds a lot of new challenges and endgame content for all beta veterans. I know, these new challenges are utterly needed! Please be patient with me. Version 1.0 will make up for the waiting time, promised! The release date is Christmas 2014!

When is the christmas lol? Cant wait no more :i

Until Christmas? :/// oh no please :,(

I wan to let you know, that I believe this game has tremendous potential. It's already very well developed and little to no bugs of consequence. I love the cut and combo system of the cards to make potentially better cards. When more items, towers, and gear are added. I can't fathom how fun this TD will be. More maps too. I can't wait. Well done and please continue the good work and do not get discouraged. As a TD lover from elementary school into my adult life--you are on to a seriously great and inique TD template.

Does that mean that there will be NO UPDATE till Christmas ???? I was really looking forward to the new map and towers :<

Me neither! I really wan to deliver a great release!

Thank you so much for th heads up! The next release will be one step closer to what you describe! I look forward to it very much!

Sadly, yes. I basically cancelled the 0.11 and decided to make a bigger release this time. Unfortunately I can only work in the evening after my regular job on this game :-( That's why everything takes a bit longer. And I really do not want to deliver something only half-way done. Hope the next version will make up for this long waiting time!

Beta testers ready for a beta version!!! ;) to be honest i wouldn't mind it being something half-done. pros: -more time to adapt and learn -can spot bugs easly

Awesome jrake! Will take a little bit though for first preview versions for testing. Don't want to release a halfway-done feature. A lot of bugs might will be reported for things I already know they fail right now. The thing that consumes the most time right now are the quests. As soon as those are through, I have a stable intermediate state that can be tested!

upload beta vers. or test vers. or any new vers.

i just cant wait ! this game is the best TD i ever played ! ty sm!