Version 1.0 live

advent-calendar-20Finally! Here is our early Christmas present :-) The long awaited version 1.0 is finally live on the Google Play Store and on the iOS App Store!
[caption id="attachment_4388" align="aligncenter" width="200"]After two years, Mazebert TD steps out of beta state! After two years, Mazebert TD steps out of beta state![/caption]

So. What's new?

There is loads of joy and goodness in this release, that you surely don't want to miss: - Pick a hero card at the start of every game. Heroes will totally change your strategies! - Accept the challenge of two new maps. - Explore five new darkness towers at your command. - Complete quests to earn card relics. They will turn your strategies upside-down! - Forge golden/legendary cards out of card relics and build your personal deck! - Beat the final map, but you may only use golden cards! - New bonustime ladder season: Compete with other players for the highest scores! - If you enjoy the game, you can now support the devs with a cookie, beer or whisky in the Developer's Inn (Android only at the moment) I hope you gonna love this release as much as we do! Cheers Andy & Brandon