Version 1.0 uploaded to Google Play

advent-calendar-19Upload version 1.0 to Google Play - check!! According to Google, it can take up to 24 hours until the version is available for every user. This means, this time tomorrow everyone should be able to grab the new release on Android! Super excited!!

Thank you:)

Thank you :) leeeets gooooo

yahooooo! version 1.0 readyyyyyyy

Love the new version, huge update. But I bought a whiskey and the card never appeared.

Oh! Did you look into the potions section of the my cards Screen? It should be listed there! In game the card has a drop Chance like other uniques/legendäres. If it's not listed in the my cards Sektion let me know! Cheers and thx for your support!

Playing new version, loving it! Thanks Andy I gave you all the money you would allow.

Thank you so much, DJNanashi!

Woot, woot! :-)