Version 1.5.8 Alpha

This is a very small bugfix release - the simulation reliably crashed upon completing certain quests, e.g. American Dream. Sorry for that! If you ran into the problem, just load your save game with the updated version and you should be able to continue playing. Android: Download MazebertTD-1.5.8.apk (~30 Mb) Windows: Download MazebertTD-1.5.8-win64.zip (~85 Mb)

American Dream...Error: 16 bit unsigned integer overflow: 180509 is greater than max value 65535.

Ooooh shit, my bad! I initially thought no quest progress needs more than 16 bit, have totally forgotten about American Dream.

Okay, and you should check the "Irish Pub". In which it exploded and took me out of the game.

I couldn't figure out what's crashing there. I've added a new crash report feature that catches those kind of crashes too. Could you do me a favor and try it one more time with the 1.5.9 version? It should crash again, but hopefully this time with a stack trace pointing at the problem.