Version 1.5.9 Alpha

This is a another small bugfix release - fixing the integer progress overflow with the American Dream quest. Android: Download MazebertTD-1.5.9.apk (~30 Mb) Windows: Download MazebertTD-1.5.9-win64.zip (~85 Mb) There's also a new daily quest that can roll starting with this version (thanks plink for the great suggestion):

Okay andy, and you should check the “Irish Pub”. In which it re-exploded and took me out of the game.

hmm which version did you try it with? There is no crash report for 1.5.9 on my end :-(

V 1.5.9.

Well, shit! This means it's not a runtime exception that is killing the process, upon selecting irish pub. Gonna adjust my code to catch all potential throwables and see if that gets me anywhere. This is so insane!! I can't really think of anything that could happen here to cause the game to crash. Heh! And I can't reproduce it on any of my devices. This is driving my crazy. Will try the throwable thingy for the next version!

please check iron man too .. game crashed when clicked ..

please check on Mr.Iron too ..