Version 2.0.4

I've uploaded a new version to Google Play and submitted it to Apple Review. The Windows version is already available for download. Version 2.0.4 contains mostly critical bugfixes and improvements for the problems you discovered. Please note that the simulation version is upgraded from 18 to 19, because there are some breaking changes. However, no hard balancing changes have been done. All dramatic balancing adjustments will be done when the season ends and the DoL content is taken over to standard.


  • Better luck calculation for negative abilities (you can hit Ghost creeps with Roderic now)


  • Knock back works as intended
  • Abyss King damage bonus is always applied correctly
  • Guard aura range is now dynamic and can be affected by Helm of Hades
  • Fix crash when Unicorn is killed the moment it was built
  • Unicorn tears work with wedding rings/Yggdrasil
Have fun with the new version, and happy building!

Thanks for the update!

Yesterday I built a unicorn with the creep in range. The creep was killed but also the unicorn. This should go into bugs but it kind fits the fixes.

@Kami that‘s how the Unicorn works.

I thought that the unicorn can only die if the creep survives? Because the creep died because I built the unicorn.

Oh I misread! Right when the creep is dead it cannot kill the unicorn anymore. Maybe it was killed by another tower afterwards?

https://mazebert.com/g/0d18fd5d-55e6-4760-b88b-eda7760740c3-19686/ Round 278 He was on the last percents when I built unicorn

Thanks for sharing! Ahh, your unicorn got killed by the training hologram creeps! You see at the end of that round first the boss gets killed by unicorn and once then next wave triggers the holograms, the Unicorn dies.

O.o that seems wierd but completely understandable from a programming perspective