Version 2.0.6

Toilet Paper
During the last days I noticed more players online than usual. I think this is mostly caused by COVID-19 and more and more people being stuck at home. As a small contribution I decided to do an intermediate release in the next days, containing all the quality of life improvements planned for after DoL season merge. There's also a new unique item available to play with (toilet paper). Take care everybody and stay healthy!
  • New unique item: Toilet Paper (Stay healthy everyone!)
  • 20 relics are granted for every 3 games that are won
  • Card backgrounds for Nature and Metropolis
  • Overview of quests is displayed in-game
  • Fix for negative abilities triggering too often
  • Several bugfixes and small improvements
Update: I've uploaded the Windows and Android version, iOS will follow as soon as possible.

Ok nice but are you serious with the item? It sounds broken as hell. Unique means that it is a standard drop that every one can get I guess?

It might be broken, dunno. Let's see how it goes :-) I mean, when it drops you would have gotten another unique anyways instead. So when you transmute it, you get two extra drops (to be fair, excellent drops). I had item level 50 first, but changed that to 100 now. And yes, it is a standard card everyone can get (as toilet paper used to be, before this insanity :-)).

Does this include those tower buffs you were planning?

It does not include any balancing adjustments. Those will go live at the end of the season in June.

In these trying times I pray for ghost affix %hit bonus to wiz passive skilltree, or an item, or to anything.. Hate getting punished for my builds because theyre not attack speed based at pre lvl 200 :(( fast + ghost affix is double the fun.. Otherwise great and fun update, cant wait for the balance change, love me some stacking build!

@lolz, luck increases hit chance. I see a noticeable increase with a viking helm on my carry. Also, the wizard tree does include a +% luck skill, but it's pretty minor.