Version 2.1.0 beta

The first beta version for 2.1 is available now! This version runs against the development server and simulates the season end in June. If you're feeling adventurous, I'd be very grateful if you'd give the beta version a go. There are some pretty big balancing changes in here that I'd love to try out with you before all this goes live:
  • Multiplayer games with up to 4 players
  • Creep count stays the same in multiplayer
  • XP granted to towers based on damage dealt
  • Hitpoint formulas revised base on existing game data (mid/endgame should be more challenging now)
  • Various tower buffs
  • All progress made in beta will NOT be persistet. Your beta progress will be lost when the beta ends!
  • Therefore, please install the beta version separately from the current production version, so that you don't lose any data.
You can download the beta version here: Android (MazebertTD-beta-android.apk) Windows (MazebertTD-beta-win64.zip) I look forward to seeing you in beta and happy building! Cheers, Andy

Aw yiss, 4 player games! Thanks Andy! Great timing :)

Nice going. Won’t participate, as I don’t have enough time. On a side note nice to see jhoijhoi again.

Sorry guys, I just noticed I've uploaded the old version for windows :-) It is fixed now!

Sad i cant participate on ios... :/ Couldnt you doing betas via testflight?

@Marzipain probably... But the whole iOS build process on my side is very cumbersome at the moment. Maybe I can look into that next weekend. So you'd be interested to play beta on iOS?

Yeh of course im interested! :) whould like to try new content and see how its working! Im glad the Toiletpaper is on Ios finaly... thought they hoarded all for the Android and Microsoftplatforms :)