Version 2.1 beta 2

A new beta version for 2.1 is available now! This version runs against the development server and simulates the season end in June. Improvements since last beta:
  • Relaying network packets with more than 2 players should work now
  • New card overview screen if number of towers/items exceeds 7
  • New transmute option with new card overview screen
  • All progress made in beta will NOT be persisted. Your beta progress will be lost when the beta ends!
  • Therefore, please install the beta version separately from the current production version, so that you don't lose any data.
You can download the beta version here: Android (MazebertTD-beta-android.apk) Windows (MazebertTD-beta-win64.zip) I look forward to seeing you in beta and happy building! Cheers, Andy

If I have win32 - I can`t play this game?

Is your windows version 32-bit or is your computer (i.e. CPU) actually 32-bit? Most computers these days are 64-bit, but this game is Java, and who knows, it still might run - because Java. If you have a 32-bit version of windows, I would consider looking for a 64-bit version of the operating system or switching to a free operating system based on Linux. If you don't have money to buy a new computer, then getting a free operating system upgrade is likely your best bet. If you are on an actual 32-bit computer, then you should start looking for a newer one. As far as I can tell, 32-bit computers are at least 18 years old.

Will it reset gold earned and cards crafted, too? I think I mindlessly patched it from Google play and didn't notice it will lose progress.

@EL GATO it should install as a seperate Mazebert app called 'Beta Mazebert', so you can play the current production and the beta in parallel. All your progress on the production server is not affected by beta. Beta is connected to the dev server, that has a snapshot copy of the production data.

El GATO, it simulates what will happen at the end of the season. At the end of the season, there is only standard. All cards, relics and xp earned during the season is added to your current standard progress. So for me, it gave me some extra relics and then told me I have 74 card duplicates (earned in season and in standard) and a bunch more xp. If you are missing your stuff, tap "My Wizard," then choose "log in" or something like that. It will ask for your save code, which you can get from the standard app by tapping "My Wizard," then "Ladder"

There as I'm trying to type save code it doesn't fill the space...no letters appear no matter how many letters I type

Well Andy is already in bed, i guess hell check tomorrow :)

EL GATO. You have a samsung and they are weird. Type your code somewhere else, then copy and paste it into the space. The password is there even if you can't see it.

That's the current workaround unfortunately :-(


It IS Samsung tho

No assuming about it. That issue identifies your phone as samsung.

Well played!

Pretty good meme usage. But this could potentially backfire if somebody who does not know the meme reads this.