Version 2.1 beta 3

A new beta version for 2.1 is available now! This version runs against the development server and simulates the season end in June. Improvements since last beta:
  • New card overview became a setting and is OFF by default
  • Lots of usability improvements and bugfixes with new overview screen
  • Simplified transmute alert screen (it now always auto-transmutes)
  • Bosses with loot modifier are guaranteed to drop at least 1 item
  • Tinker aura effect buffed
  • All progress made in beta will NOT be persisted. Your beta progress will be lost when the beta ends!
  • Therefore, please install the beta version separately from the current production version, so that you don't lose any data.
You can download the beta version here: Android (MazebertTD-beta-android.apk) Windows (MazebertTD-beta-win64.zip) I look forward to seeing you in beta! Happy Easter to all of you. Cheers, Andy

Still no iOS Beta :(

There is one now, if anyone is interested, let me know. Marzipain already got access now :-)

Works pretty good! :)

The new patch feels so distant... if only it would come earlier than announced, just sayin :)

Agree xD

It makes total sense to have the season for a fixed time.

Agreed. While it might be interesting to implement some of these features early... Ending the season early would be wrong. I'm not saying we should demand these features early because Andy is changing a lot of things, moving one part over to the other coffee branch might not work cleanly. Let's let Andy develop on his schedule since he is being so gracious to give us this excellent game in his free time.

Sorry. I meant to interpret my excitement rather than a demand