Version 2.1 beta 4

A new beta version for 2.1 is available now! This version runs against the development server and simulates the season end in June. Improvements since last beta:
  • Multiplayer lag compensation
  • Replays can be watched until the very end
  • Goblin gold drops are displayed correctly in multiplayer
  • Cards to keep when autotransmuting can be configured from 0-10, no matter how many cards you currently have
  • All progress made in beta will NOT be persisted. Your beta progress will be lost when the beta ends!
  • Therefore, please install the beta version separately from the current production version, so that you don't lose any data.
You can download the beta version here: Android (MazebertTD-beta-android.apk) Windows (MazebertTD-beta-win64.zip) I look forward to seeing you in beta! Cheers, Andy

Nice one! :)

Ive ready downloaded it

@argyllo it is a new file I just replaced it on the server, that‘s why it shows as same link!