Version 2.2.1

Version 2.2.1 is ready to download for Android, iOS and Windows. This version is a quality of life release. To have a fair season, all balancing related changes will come with the end of RoC. There's one exception, Cthulhu received a buff to be worth playing compared to other Old Ones.

All changes

  • Cthulhu buffed
  • Improved drop notifications
  • Long press next wave button to toggle auto next wave
  • Volume controls for sound / music
  • Fix for rare out of memory error
  • Fix for Unicorn dsync
  • Cultists are shown on Yig hero card in game

It's weird, but I noticed instability in the hitman's shot sounds after app update. As if they happen at unequal intervals - and this is without increasing the attack speed in any way at the time of listening.

Great QoL improvement, thank you for that Update. Can't wait to try out new cthuluh 👍

iOS also available Edit Andy already edited his post

Nice update thank you 😊

Just new here, enjoying this game so far.



I like the new update :)