Viking Helmet

The Helm of Hades artwork I re-used for the Viking Helmet caused some confusion :-) Yes, the Helm of Hades will still be there! It won't be replaced by the Viking Helmet. To make it more clear, I altered the artwork of the Viking Helmet a little to fit better into the 'Holgar' color scheme. [caption id="attachment_2983" align="alignleft" width="200"]Unique color style for Viking Helmet! Unique color style for Viking Helmet![/caption] Plus, I increase the initial damage bonus of the Helmet a little bit, so that the item itself is a bit more attractive to use. One thing I forgot to mention: This item cannot drop regularly in the game. There is a very small chance for Holgar to find it when he kills a creep. The most amazing ability of the Helmet is that it turns any other tower into a Viking. This means... well you must find out yourself :-)

To lessen confusion even further, you could flip the helmet so that it is face to the left instead of the right.

Hey good idea jhoijhoi! I just tried it, but it somehow looks weird :-D Somehow my brain got used to the helm of hades angle and tells me that theres something not right with this picture. Have a look here: viking-mirrored
I think I will keep the current look of it!

Might be that the rarity is enough to recognize between Viking Helmet and Helm of Hades.