Vote for the hero's name!

hood_512You brought us so many suggestions. Now it's up to you! How do we name the new hero?
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sorry i somehow voted twice? i voted as wordpress user so you should be able to see it's a dualvote or is it so you can vote for several?

Yep, I just noticed that after the poll plugin update the default number of votes for each user is 3. Just changed it back to 1 and removed the dupes.

ah tnx =) thought i messed things up first :S even if the poll just started i'm pretty sure we got a winner ;) 100% so far..

oh man not looking good for stifler now.. =/ but really i dont know why ppl want his name to be nameless hero? i mean it's like the next hero's name would be nameless hero 2 and so on^^ hehe but i'm not the dictator here im all for democracy, just sayin'... i like if the name had some more imagination, and stifmeister was smart and funny aswell thats why i hope thats the winner xD

Well, personally i hate Stifmeister. It's even worse then Cohan the barbar... I could live with Cohan... but if its called stifmeister, i will never, ever use that card ^^ Better a Nameless hero or even "blank" name then Stifmeister... Just doesnt fit into the game in my opinion. It's like reading the norse Edda and then there is somethin like "fucking bullshit" in it... just out of order... a distrubance, a failure in logic... but that are my five cent here... Guess it will be stifmeister in the end ;(

well to be true there are several OOPArt's in the game if you compare it with the Edda and the text "fucking bullshit", btw it's icelandic not norse, but yes maybe stifmeister isn't the best name to keep a medieval/fantasy genre, but i would the same as you take anything but nameless =) as in your case with stifmeister. OOPArt's of mazebert: cookiemonster - explains itself electric chair - invented in late 1800's elvis imitator - elvis got his breakthrough in the mid 50's ;) scarface - both name and the picture(a guy in a tank) says it all mr.iron - a reference to ironman perhaps and if not it's high tech blofeld laser satellite - high tech wet towel, was not feared until it came in use in boy's lockerooms handbag with shopping queen skill - sounds like something oprah windfrey would wear impatience's wrath set - all 3 parts also high tech could be more OOPArt's?

Mhm, well i dont really follow on the medieval/fantasy theme. Iron Man, electric chair fit quite nice into the Deck theme of Metro i think. And my example about the "edda" and bullshit ;) was just an example that its out of place in my view. Like english text in th edda. Well about Cookie Monster, i dont really mind that one, first off it was a dev's choice or not? 2nd of all i really like it to be honest. I just think Stifmeister is a distrubing choice which is out of any context to the game/decks/skills/items etc. About items: A Clock, A train fit right into the Metro Theme, dont they? Since english is not my native language i might not get the meaning of "Unrelenting Force" right. At least i cant fit it to any kind of technology. About Stifmeister again: What did he do, that "knowledge" or "wisdom" (please add any synonym you feel like to, in here), is somehow related to him? I never likes the films at all, so my memories might be clouded... But as far as i remember he was just a big mouthed guy who couldnt do anything and failed about everything there is? He was petty and annoying guy.

Ahh then i understand =) but please don't compare it with the Edda as if its out of context when the reason is not that, but it's simply that you don't like it, if you don't like it i can understand but when you make the edda as a reason for the name not to be chosen but you like the cookiemonster, that is not a consistent reasoning. english is not either my native language but unrelenting means: not yielding in strength, severity, or determination,(unrelenting force = a force that does not get weaker, ever) Again as with my own suggestions that you didn't seem to grasp is that "experience" has nothing whatsoever to do with knowledge or wisdom in the first place, i could be a buffoon all my life and still get life experience, i think i already explained my reasoning about naruto and cohen, but with stifmeister its more of a joke as he talks about his hard dick all the time(as even his nickname suggests with "stiff") and the card gives bonus XP when used in hard difficulty, hence "let's bring the hard on" refers to hard-on = erection of the dick =))