Wave Master's return

[caption id="attachment_2583" align="alignleft" width="634"]I'll be back! I'll be back![/caption]Thanks guys for participating in the bonus round feedback! Sorry that it took me so long to respond properly, but I really had to think this through carefully :-) Let's start with the plain numbers. Well, 11% like the current bonus round as it is. 26% think it is a good idea, but they think it needs more balancing. 52% want to have wave master back. 11% did not try the bonus round yet. I must admit, I didn't expect the result to be this clear. Obviously, something has to change. Thus, I will release a bugfix version soon, including the following changes:
  • The Wave Master skill will be re-introduced, but with a maximum of 500 waves (Steps are 300/400/500)
  • After winning the game, no matter how many rounds were played, the bonus round will kick in
  • Special bonus round creeps
  • The experience gain during bonus round will grow exponentially every 20 seconds of survival
  • The chosen level of difficulty will affect bonus round experience gain as well
  • A bonus round ladder will be added, separate ladders for easy/normal/hard
What do you think about the planned changes? [yop_poll id="5"]

It's something I had to ask since a long time: at the current version, does the difficulty affect the experience earned, or this fix is being introduced just from the next update?

also ontop of "nones" question, does difficutly effect TOwer drop/gold/Item drop rates?

Will starting the bonus round at 200 compared to 500 effect the difficulty, ladder you join, or the experience gained? Sorry for the tough question. I like the coming changes! Wish the wave master skill didn't take stat points! lol.

Some suggestions based on my previous comment; If the bonus round's starting wave affects difficulty, maybe make only 3 different adjustable wave amounts (say 200, 350, and 500) and making a different ladder for each one? (totaling 9 different ladders instead of 12) Also would it be viable to make each choice for wave amount an unlockable by beating the game at wave 200, then at 350 to unlock the choice for 500, instead of spending stat points? Great work lately I love the versatility of the game right now.

i hope bonus round will still drop items so we can last longer in the b. round...

Right now difficulty only affects two things: - Creep health point increase per round - Player experience gained per cleared round

Unfortunately this doesn't work :-) If cards would drop during the bonus round it would never end I guess!

Right now I thought of 3 different ladders as I hoped I could achieve that the number of waves doesn't affect the toughness of bonus round. This, however, might be too optimistic right now. Personally I believe right now the more waves played the higher advantage you have in bonus round. Let's see how it goes, anyways I like your suggestion with the 3x3 instead of 3x4... Right now it depends on how I display those server side. Maybe it will be one ladder, displaying all entries, then you can filter by difficulty/max rounds. The unlocking principle for further waves is a good idea, but I really do not want to force players to think that they need to clear all 500 waves to 'really' win the game. It's just an endgame option by the time you reached level 40. Thanks for the heads up!

What is really liked about the game was that you could progress really far without starting over (2000 waves) but now with only max 500 waves that's fairly limited. What i would like to see is simply an option to remove the wave limit and go until many (ten)thousands of waves. This might have some balancing issue's regarding xp but you can just stop the xp gain after a certain amount of waves How i would really like it is that when you reach wave 500 that you get the option to continue(and gain no more xp) or that you could start the bonus round. As for the leaderboards i don't think you really need one but you can still add them if you feel like it. If there are any problems with this please tell so i can help you come up with a solution

Please Andy create a different game mode for infinite waves. an "Endless Mode". I'm sure many of us like Endless mode, it is fun to see how far we can go, how powerful or towers can be. lets have voting poll so we can see if how many players like to have an Endless Game Mode More Power to you Andy...

thank you for taking your time to make this, can't wait for the new version to be released! :D