We have a winner: Mazebert of the month July

After Mo's impressive scores last week, in this week, Daniel submitted two almost unbelievealbe scores. The first submission, showed Level 176, the one after 268 and the final submission last night completed all 300 levels of the game. Congratulations Daniel! You are the official mazebert of the month July. Now pick your tower wish wisely :-) We will keep you up-to-date, what tower Daniel will request for the game! Now, here are the level 268 plus the winning shot: 65272_10200266777623442_994441424_n970129_10200276801794040_281274104_n
As you can see, Daniel gamed the whole system by using the unique Ganesha tower in combination with towers that deal a lot of damage, like Huli, wolf pack or the electric chair. Ganesha increases the XP gain of other towers. Plus, Ganesha gains a level whenever any other tower gains a level (except other Ganeshas or we would have an endless level up flow going on). The XP increase is also buffed by Ganesha's own level. So in this combination, towers level up much faster than expected. Although, I was sure that the endgame WITHOUT items/potions would still be almost impossible to beat. However, in the current version there is a little bug in the creep hitpoint formula. Let's have a look at the flawed formula. \begin{equation} \label{eq:poly} f(x)=0.16x^3 + 16x^2 + 64x + 256 \end{equation} old_damage_function In the function graph you see the cubic part of the hitpoint function (red) and the quadratic part of the hitpoint function (blue). The cubic part was designed to kick in starting at level 100. However, as you note from level 100 there is no more boost kicking in making the game more intense for the player. So I added a quart part to the polynom, so that from level 100 -> 300 there will be another boost in challenge! \begin{equation} \label{eq:poly} f(x)=0.0011x^4 + 0.16x^3 + 16x^2 + 64x + 256 \end{equation} new_damage_function Especially with the upcoming items in the next release, this boost is really necessary. Did I already say that items will kick ass? Great stuff! I'm Looking forward to the next mazebert of the month challenge!