We have two winners: Mazebert of the month August

Item challenge completed

Excalibur has been discovered. Excalibur has been discovered. Yesterday Holger completed both August challenges. His first submission was posting the unique item 'Excalibur' to the facebook page. I guess right now it is a little bit overpowered, but hell, it's King Arthur's sword :-D As you can see you get: + 50% damage (up to 149% with level boni) + 25% crit damage + 2 multicrit Yeah, pretty OP!!

Level challenge completed

Holger killed all 300 waves as well. Holger killed all 300 waves as well. Then, the second submission was actually a game complete screenshot. So like last month, all 300 levels of the game have been cleared. This means we have a winner already, because no one can beat this progress anymore. Here is the screenshot. As you can see, the bear hunter (next to all that whiches) was the main carrier of the game. Looks like this guy needs to be nerfed in the next release. Right now his stacked traps make such damage that even the level 300 air round does not seem to be a problem for the Hunter, despite his -70% air malus.

Level challenge completed +5min

Uli cleared all waves as well! 5 minutes later Uli also cleared all waves! About 5 minutes after Holger posted his winning shot, his brother Uli posted a level 300 comlete screenshot to facebook as well. They had some nice battle with each other, who will be the first to clear the game! To be fair I must admit that Holger did start a little bit earlier than Uli. As Uli pointed out, in the end he even had more lifes left than Holger. I think it's fair to give him a reward as well. So one tower wish for Uli :-) The Bear Hunter strategy seems to be quite popular these days for clearing the game. Will be nerfed for sure. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to two new towers and one new item in the next release!