Website redesign

During the last two weeks I've redesigned! From a technical point: Wordpress is completely gone now. Instead, all sites are statically pre-rendered, which should make the site blazingly fast to use. Also, the forum and news section have been completely redesigned. You can now post on both with a single login! Plus, the forum categories are back! It should be much easier to stroll around and discover all the hidden gems in the forum. For instance, Nillos guide on towers, posted 5 years ago: If you're coming across things that don't work as expected, let me know! Hope the new tech will last another 6 years!

Looks good Andy! Is there still an area to see in-game users? Thanks!

Hi Leeder, thank you! Currently not. I'm planning to add a game statistics site soon, so that would be a place for it I guess! Cheers Andy

PS: If there's anything else missing from the old site, let me know :-)