What shall the wizard say?

What shall the wizard say in the newly designed start screen? I want to show a small speech bubble when the screen opens :-D Any ideas? It should be a short and funny sentence! new_game

how play to this?

dont need this "!!!"

The HERO????????

To battle we ride with Monkeys!

"What? Again? No holidays for me, eh?"

Send forth the chaff. If they survive I will unleash the horde.

Urg, that creeps me out! GO, smush 'em. Ahh, get 'em offa me, ahh

Prepare the towers my lord. We're under attack. Now. A few things that I want to gripe about. Poisonous Frog's passive isn't stacking. At least I don't think it is. It should deal damage based on its raw damage, not how much damage its attack has hit for. Poison should be dealing damage regardless of armor. If you need lower the %, so be it. But make it not deal more with crit at the same time. There needs to be flat damage from an item, the base damage of towers isn't cutting it in a lot of cases. Experience needs to be distributed based on damage done. All for the killer just doesn't work when you need to have many towers and keys of wisdom don't come in time to matter. I literally haven't made it past wave 90 hard since the armor changes.

Why not let the wizard have different sentences? Would certainly be a funny gimmick.