Wolfskin Cloak

Actually, the 0.10.0 release was supposed to be a release, to put all the little flaws of the game straight, so we have a solid basis for future releases. Features like new map, saving of creeps and a decent autosave logic and tons of bug/balancing fixes to prevent the known exploits from previous versions really had to be done. And it took me quite some time. But hey, I thought a Mazebert release without any new cards isn't a true Mazebert release! Unfortunately I hurt my wrist recently at soccer, so I can't draw any new towers these days. There are quite a lot of great tower ideas in the forum, that I'd love to see in the game. And yeah, as soon as 0.10.0 is out, we'll continue with polls for your favorite towers and get on with new card content! For now, I added the Wolfskin Cloak card, recently suggested in the forum. The Wolf build became pretty un-attractive recently, so with this he might be back in the game (I strengthened the damage of Wolf card a little bit, too). Plus, the cloak has a decent enough bonus, to be an attractive item for any non-Wolf builds, too. Please check it out: wolfskin-cloak

So how is this going to work on Mr. Iron? Only count once, or for every Wolfskin Cloak consumed (that sounds like a terrible meal)

Love it!

The picture looks AMAZING! Sorry to hear that, hope you get better soon buddy!

When can we expect the update to hit the Google play store?

This weekend!!!

The damage/cc/cd stack. The effect, that mr. iron counts as wolf isn't affected by the numer of wolfskins stacked.

Already an awesome game. Thanks for a fun and free game. If you need beta testers in the future, you can include me.