This morning I took a little break from porting the game to the new engine. I also wanted to test how fast and flexible the new engine will be, when it comes to adding new towers. And it really was a breeze to code Yggdrasil. In the upcoming version, Nature will finally get some reinforcements!

If you pair Yggdrasil (with Rings) with your Carry Tower, Does your carry get double benefits from Potions? That would be really op, not even counting that you could have 3 really strong subcarries.

Yes, this is going to work. It's really intendend to give Nature a buff, to compete with Darkness / Metro in the endgame. What's not going to work however is recursive potions. The wedding ring is not triggered, when the carrying tower is receiving a potion through a branch.

the pair of rings are not working now with yggrdasil, with the latest update

Yes, that is intentional 😊 Yggdrasil also has this written on its card now: Cannot be married.