Yggdrasil after Dawn of Light

I'm working on a new version of Yggdrasil. There are some balancing problems with the current version that need to be fixed:
  • With all branches in inventory, Yggdrasil gains up to 7x potion effects
  • This is quite a lot!
  • You basically need to stack insane amounts of multicrit on Yggdrasil before replacing it with your final carrier
  • This and the shorter bonus round means that all carriers that get stronger over time are not very useful with Yggdrasil meta
The new Yggdrasil will be released with the end of the Dawn of Light season in June. Those are the changes so far:
  • Element changed from Nature to Unknown (it's the ash tree goddamn it!)
  • This means Yggdrasil can drop no matter what elements you choose
  • Since there's no element, element quests do not fail by building it
  • There is one branch per element, connecting the norse worlds Jotunheim (Nature), Midgard (Metro), Helheim (Darkness) and Asgard (Light)
  • Since Yggdrasil has no element, it is not affected by branches in its inventory
Here are some screenshots of the new Yggdrasil. Let me know what you think!

Thank you, this is a very elegant change, it stimulates a variety of builds.

Very elegant indeed.

This is great. You can still double effect potion with the rings and 2.2x with the horn. This is still strong I would say but not broken.

Liking the new set up for this card, anyway you can out in a 'are you sure you want too transmute this card' on the branches??? I keep swiping mine by accident lol ;-)

Please, make different background for nature and metropolis (like in light and darkness)

@Mcat I've added this to my todo list. @Evnov, great idea, will give that a try!

@Evnov, finally gave your idea a shot: https://mazebert.com/forum/news/nature-amp-metropolis-card-backgrounds--id1252/

@Andy Yes, I already seen that news! I'm very impressed, they looks very good! Now Nature is my best fraction.