Your idea for a legendary hero

your-heroWe have one legendary hero left to add for version 1.0, and it could be yours! This is your chance to see your own card added to the game. All you need to do is: - Send us your legendary hero idea either as facebook or blog comment - Convince the community that your hero is the best :-) We will start a poll with all submissions on Sunday, November 30th. Good luck everybody, we're excited for your submissions!

The Council 1,000 no attack Ability- Contract: create a contract on a targeted tower that Cannot be removed. 1 time use. Coin max 100 Coin: when reaching max coins the council will grant the tower holding the contract a Stat boost, and reset the coin count. Stat boost: 10% damage/attack speed , 20% crit damage 5% crit chance every 5th boost gain +1 multi crit on 10th boost Grant 5% on attack to generate a second attack mimicking the damage done. (all stats appear on the contract) The councils Contract: -75% gold each kill generates 1 coin

add: every 3 boosts +1 damage.

all numbers up for balancing of course

Wow. Sounds like it would make a great legendary. Would love to see this in action. Any new on the patch release. The suspense is killing me.

Syotos, any chance to turn this into a hero? To me it looks more like a tower. The card I'm after is another hero, like Sir Littlefinger, Lord Roderic, etc.. :-)

Name: Vincent, the "horadric"-mage Story: he`s not horadric and hes not even a mage, but he can build you everything out of a pen and a string Ability: -10% Damage -5% Attackspeed +You only need 3 Items/Towers to combine

as said on facebook sorry for mix up on idea of creation. But ill leave the idea for you to ponder for a potential legendary tower :-p