account recovery

Hi! I'm a big fan of your game. I started this game 4 years ago, and I played so many times. But my email address has deleted, so I cannot find savecode anymore. This link is a history that I request a recovery data 4 years ago. ( I'm the same person because you can find the two email addresses(past and now) is very similar. I really want to find my account again... Can you help me? please...

Hey, thanks for the heads up and sorry about your lost email. I looked up your accounts (you old one is indeed inactive since 4 years). Would you like me to merge your old account into this one? This way all progress will be taken over.

Yes please merge the old account into this account!!

Done :-)

Really thanks for your help!!!

Hello. I played your game a while ago and made some progress. The mail was My phone was lost, my mail was cleared, and I have access to my mail now. I'm entering it now In the settings, I get an error message that the address is already in use. Help me get my old account back. Thanks


oh, hey sorry for the late reply! I found your old account in the DB. I can merge the progress of your old account to your new one. I'll send you a mail for verification!

I replied to your email, thank you for your support. Have a nice weekend -))

Thanks! I just merged your old account. Have a great weekend, too! :-)

Hello. A year ago you helped me, thank you. I've changed my phone now, but I can't restore the progress. the game writes an error, the profile does not exist.

I sent your save code per mail. You need to enter this to log in.

TY pal

А новый сезон когда начнется?

Pls Can you also check for me, i have requested for a savecode for, but nothing is being sent, Thnx