Account Recovery

Hi I am Z (top 60 in the ladder) it's been a while since I last played and i forgot my save code. it's not link in any email and i already format my phone. Is there anyway possible way i can recovery my save code or to know my save code? Can you help me Sir Andy?

I last played on the version 0.9.2 so its been long while. Please Help.

Hey z, I found your account in the db! Thx for providing the additional info when you played the last time, that helped to track it down (quite a few z's around there already ^^). I added your save code to your forum player profile. Cheers Andy

You are the best Andy. Thank you so much.

Hi Andy! For a variety of reasons I don't enter game about 3 months. Recently I repaired phone (with formatting SD card and return to manufacture settings) and subsequently have reinstalled programs and games. How can I recovery savecode to profile "Caine" without linking to email because I don't have this link and don't wrote savecode? It would be a pity to lose all progress in the game. Best regards, Caine. PS How can I change my avatar in my profile?

Hi Caine, sorry for the late reply! I found you in the database, and added your save code to your forum profile. Btw. congratz to top 100 ladder players :-) Cheers Andy

Thank you, Andy! Btw, I was in first 20 top players once, but I have not played for a long time. And the game is largely unchanged).