I just wanted to stop by and say that i love this game i have played it a long time now i dont remember exactly when i first started or what version but i stopped for quite a while and when i recently came back i was pleasantly surprised by how much the game was updated i know that it is all being done by a single guy or small group but this game is always being updated and i am happy to see the developer so active on the forums and takes everyone's ideas and balancing is great i love how you are not always granted the same cards and have to learn to adapt to different ways so you can play the same map countless times and never have the same game i just wanted to let the developer know that this game has been great to me killing time in this unusual year so keep up the great work and i cant wait for the new season. A huge fan SinCross77

On a different note if it is at all possible to recover the old account that would be cool because i had to restart from level 1 when i came back i dont have a savecode to the old account but i do believe it should be to the same email that i am using now or similar to the username sincross77

Hey, thank you so much for the kind words and the heads up! Also: I found your old account on the ladder and merged it into your current one :-)

Thank you please keep up the great work and will you have a support pack for the new season?

Yes there will be one in-game and I think ones with t-shirt/hoodie like we had with the DoL season.