Best hit

bhbh What's your best hit? Ver. 0.7.1

Cant see your post underneath the qu3stion bro

I had to use a direct link. Photo bucket works well :)

null Heh just hitmen?

Khaos my brother has a 133m dmg sat with only 4x multicrit but I cant seem to upload it and hes not registered on the forum.... sigh

My best Hit: PS.: I Love this Game!!!

Thanks for the shot. Nice Hitman btw, a million damage in one shot. Glad you like the game :-)

I think Muli is a little bit too Strong. Muli

Indeed that has been discussed :) You should take a look around the forum. There's lots of interesting tidbits floating around

Wtf!!! I never used muli to that level. Lolz. But i once had my forge to lv 99