Big Mistake

So, I was playing a match today with a Ripper carry who was at ~25 million damage around round 350. Went to replace my Acolyte of Greed with another to keep the items coming... Replaced my Ripper by accident. Even after getting him back to a Ripper, the damage was down to about 10 million. What's everyone else's big mistakes?

Just finished round 500, waiting for bonus round. I dump about 120 acolytes of greed all at once on a 99. The game is moving very slowly, it takes very long to build all 120 of them. Being the arrogant man I am, I think my shadow should be able to handle these with reaver. Nope. Panic, try to switch to another tower, sacrificing the % I've built up on shadow, but to no avail. Should've used my explosion potion, but I wasn't thinking right. Ended up with a bonus round time of 1 second. Had to stop playing for a little bit after that.

Haha! I've done that one a few times myself. That pause button can be a killer. I also managed to replace a Knuperhexe with 1500 children with an Acolyte today... Sure would love a warning popup when about to replace a Unique tower...

That acolyte spam costed me a game... Wave 340 or something and I spammed about 20 acolytes but just forgot that my carries were not farmed enough to take all of them down.... And boom.... 0 health Lol XD

Well thats what reaver is for. But yeah i got myself killed by gobbos more than once. Stupid sarmor type...

Nothing worse than when you're just barely holding on and a frigging treasure goblin pops up and runs past your carry. Thankfully Miss Jilly spam usually helps hold them back.